A great Xbox 360 surprise

These parents tricked their kids into setting the table. When the kids would go to get the plates, they opened the door, to find such a wonderful surprise

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C_SoL4042d ago

thats a way better way to give a present out then putting it under the tree....I'm gonna try doing this next year...

robep34041d ago

THE parents should be reported, being so cruel as to buy the kids
a PLATE WARMER for Christmas,well it will be once its on for 15-20 mins
ho ho ho!!!

Covenant4042d ago

That's how I felt when I got my NES.

Covenant4042d ago

That video is a classic. And that was pretty much the same as my reaction when I unwrapped my NES. I believe the term "joygasm" sums it up. :)

CeruleanSky4042d ago

"they opened the door, to find such a wonderful surprise..."

Let me guess...RRoD?


allatain4042d ago

and if the parent got what the kids wanted, I'm happy for them, May your 360 Never RROD, and I mean this in the most sincere way

Silvia0074042d ago

Come on, I'd pay any dollar amount to see my kids that excited. Seriously. Sure, I suppose it could RRoD... so what.

WilliamRLBaker4042d ago

NO!! damit mom and dad! why? there are no games on that damn system! i dont wanna watch blu ray movies!!

fanboi hater4041d ago

and didn't live in your mommy's basement you might shut your BS spewing mouth.

mikeslemonade4041d ago

OMG OMG OMG AHHHHHHHH the 360 sucks! I want my cherry cobbler. That's what the kid in the robe said. I think he wants a PS3 instead.

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