D-Day looms for GAME

MCV has learnt that senior members of the GAME management teams have been told to brace for the possibility of administration.

Senior staff were told at a meeting with CEO Ian Shepherd earlier this week that the chain has approximately two weeks to turn its fortunes around.

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StraightPath2417d ago

alot cheap games raning from 99p and up and great consoles offers if you dont have all of them already.

itani2417d ago

It's about time these stingy bastards get put out of business.

Majin-vegeta2417d ago

Yea let them go out of business so people can lose their jobs /s.

Dannehkins2417d ago

Fact of the matter is, I highly doubt they'll be able to turn around their fortune in under two weeks.

I can't remember the last time I actually walked into Game or Gamestation to buy a game. They've failed to adapt to their competition and their pricing for games in general is just terrible so to be frank, I am not at all surprised that they are now in this mess.

I feel sorry for those who will probably lose their job over this, but I think any person with a bit of sense has been seeing this coming for awhile now.

Nate-Dog2417d ago

Indeed. The current plan seems to be to ship off all the older pre-owned games they have to try and gain back some money and delay the current credit / debt issues they're having but that's all it is, a delay tactic and even then I don't see them delaying their fall by long.

tigertron2417d ago

Goodbye GAME/Gamestation.