Are Lollipop Chainsaw’s New Outfits too “Skimpy” for a Western Audience?

Loud Mouthed Gamers: The images released today from Grasshopper don’t show any positive addition to the storyline of the game, other than here’s an attractive girl in a bikini. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, some gamers have taken to Twitter and Facebook expressing outrage over the chosen outfits, and not all of them have been females.

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topgun332504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

i think the new costumes are fine. America as a society has to grow up and embrace the fact that sex sells and it is here to stay. We have more prominent problems in this country such as lack of health care, and unemployment then worry about a pixellated teenage girl, who is not real, wearing a thong and a top that just covers her nip tips

kaveti66162504d ago

The majority of the porn in the world is made in America. Our celebrities got rich off of sex tapes, and we get nude pic leaks from them frequently.

I think the world needs to wake up and recognize the fact that Americans love sex and nudity.

But not wanting pointless sex scenes in films doesn't make Americans prude. The Europeans (the French, in my opinion), think sex scenes have artistic merit. I don't think they do. We like sex scenes, like the one between Nic Cage and Amber Heard in Drive Angry, but we don't delude ourselves into thinking that they're tasteful or symbolic of anything.

ChrisW2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

What about DOA Extreme Volleyball and Outlaw Golf?

Oh wait... they didn't have gratuitous violence in them. Violence and sex together are a big no-no according to America liberals.

kaveti66162504d ago

"Violence and sex together are a big no-no according to America liberals."

Go educate yourself about American liberalism.

In the United States, you won't go to jail for denying the Holocaust. Try it in France or Germany and see what happens to you.

If a video game or film is so damn tasteless and pointless, yeah, nobody wants it, it won't get made. Get one thing straight. The only thing that governs American morality is money.

If you could make a video game that combined equal parts violence and sexuality, and promised to sell well, it would be made and it would be sold. Example: Grand Theft Auto. Pick up a hooker, have your way with her, then run her over. All perfectly achievable.

Go to Germany, go to Australia, go to Saudi Arabia. See how video games are heavily edited there.

Our politicians talk a lot about morality because the older generation has a higher voting average. So the politicians pander, obviously, but it means nothing to the majority.

You can accuse Americans of being hypocritical, and I wouldn't argue with you about it. But we are not prudes.

ChrisW2504d ago

Interesting twist by trying to use denying the Holocaust as an analogy... And nice attack about me needing to educate myself.

BTW, should I have used "conservatives" instead of "liberals"? Maybe that was my mistake... Do educate me some more concerning it, I obviously need it.

SilentNegotiator2503d ago


You might have made a better point if not for that off-color holocaust example.

In Germany and Australia and others, video games get banned for a lot of reasons that have no hindrance on games in the US. Like L4D getting blood taken out of the Australian release...that hasn't been an issue since like, the 90s in the US.

As for's everywhere in America. The only thing that gets "banned" and whatever the highest adult rating is, is pornographic sort of content. And what's wrong with pornography getting high ratings or the theaters/Walmart not wanting to sell it?

America gets dumped on a lot, even by Americans these days, but charges like "America is prude" isn't as accurate as people make it sound.

"What about DOA Extreme Volleyball and Outlaw Golf?"
Ehhhh, what about them? Outlaw golf has a T for Teen rating. DOA Extreme Volleyball is INCREDIBLY sexualized; a crappy game with no purpose but for teenage boys to gawk at. Being a highly sexualized game, it got an M rating.

scotchmouth2503d ago

Kaveti is on point. Skimpy outfits have been the norm in america since the late 60s. America almost pioneers sex in marketing. People considering americans as prudish have obviously never been here.

dantesparda2503d ago


It is the conservatives who are against sex in American television today. However these political parties to like to flip flop on the issues from time to time. But right now, its is the conservatives (aka republicans/rightwing) that are against condoms/contraception, sex (on tv and outside of marriage), they are the ones who keep bitching and moaning about video games lately and the list goes on. But i rather not waste my time wrting about something as bullsh!t as politics.

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JsonHenry2504d ago

Yeah, the only people who say they have a problem with this are politicians when seeking re-election. No one (generally speaking) in American cares how skimpy the outfits are.

dantesparda2503d ago

To all non-americans, he's absolutely right! 99.99% of americans like and want sex and dont mind/like seeing it on tv. Only political douchebags and some parents say otherwise. And its usually the religious fvcks who dont like it.

Maddens Raiders2504d ago

Man that chick needs to do some squats or something. No a$$ at all.

Nimblest-Assassin2504d ago

ok they are trying to be skimpy, revealing whatever you want to call it.

Look at the premise of the game: You are a cheerleader,killing zombies with a chainsaw?

Who does this game appeal to? Are there any revolutionary mechanics? Is this game going to do something unique? Will this game have a good story?

Lets face it, this game is DESIGNED for horny teenagers.

They are trying to market this game to that audience. So I see no problem with it. After all, Suda's last game Shadows of the Damned sold abysmally in the west.

They made this game in order to appeal to the western gamer (mostly teenage gamers)

To skimpy for the west is kind of ridiculous since they said, they wanted to appeal to the west, and are doing this intentionally...

DeadIIIRed2504d ago

I don't buy the argument stating that society should only focus on a handful of issues. It is possible to tackle those problems while addressing other social issues. While risque outfits in a video game I've never heard of ranks near the bottom of important issues, it is most likely going to face consumer backlash. Meanwhile our politicians (God save us) and economists (God save us) are still focused on those prominent issues.

ReservoirDog3162504d ago

Actually that "sex sells" mentality really isn't true. Generally speaking, the movies that make the most money aren't rated R.

It's one of the great hidden facts in the movie industry. Look it up. There may be exceptions to this rule but really it's just that: an exception to the rule.

MrMister2503d ago

What a stupid title. That's like asking "Are the Bikini's in Lollipop Chainsaw's new outfits/Bikini's too much for the Porn Capital of the world to handle". Oh wait....

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Tompollardss2504d ago

I don't think that it should be a problem, we have to accept different cultures and its been proven time and time again that this specific art style is a success in Japan so I think we just have to accept it.

Rolento2504d ago

I don't think it matters. It's a Suda 51 game so expect it to rely on sex to sell because it will be yet another one of his overrated mediocre games.

Parapraxis2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Awesome costumes, people need to lighten up.
I don't think I'll buy the DLC, but for the people who do, I see no harm in it.
Have fun boys.

memots2504d ago

Please do not buy DLC like this. This is just wrong, I hate how this gen is turning.

dragon822504d ago

It's an option. Get over it.

SuperK2503d ago

are you some sort of idiot?

izumo_lee2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

maybe grasshoper should pull a capcom & make her a guy to get by the archaic american censors. i swear that the people running the censorship laws in nrth america need to get out of the stoneage & accept that sometimes a little harmless fun is alright.

the esrb is ther for a reason and if parents do not want their young kids playing a game like this than do not let them...simple. meanwhile guys and gals who do not mind some over the top mindless fun like us are free to play it if we CHOOSE to.

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