What can Japanese RPG developers learn from Rayman: Origins?

Alright, I'll give you a moment to wrap your brain around that statement, then I'll explain. As most of you know, Rayman: Origins is a completely beautiful platformer that captures everything that is great about the genre -- precise controls, expansive levels, and high challenge. It's at the forefront of the genre's mini-renaissance, which has been ongoing for a few years now.

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tantobanto2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Ninokuni...................... ...

thats all I am going to say................

No game, let alone rpg has a better look

A big beatiful love letter to the genre.............

did you play disgaea 4?

did you play radiant historia?

did you play pokemon black white

did you play any legend of heroes game?

The upcoming gungir is 1 big love letter

I really appreciate that you love japanese rpgs and want them to give you a love letter, but dont inore the forest trying to find that 1 tree.........

bravely default is as much a love letter as ive seen

but I received it after the second year and I had more rpgs I could handle from japan

"Right now, JRPGs suffer from the popular perception of being archaic and limited to niche-oriented, which happens to be exactly the sort of problem that traditional 2D platformers had during the 32-bit era"

it isnt right now, and it isnt right then

GribbleGrunger2441d ago

that no matter how great your games looks and how well it plays, you still won't sell that many?

TheUnbiasedLion2441d ago

What can role playing devolpers from Japan learn from a platforming game????

Are people running out of ideas for articles.