Vote Now for the 2006-2007 x360a Achievement Awards

From the general Easiest and Hardest from each genre of gaming to the Best and Worst overall game for achievements in general (not to mention fun categories like Best Achievement Picture and Best Potential for an Upcoming 2008 Release), the time has come to cast your votes for the 2006-2007 Achievement Awards, put on by!

Head to the address below to vote. Registration is required.

This is the second year for the awards. The previous winners (from 2005-2006) can be viewed at the address below:

The presentation and graphics for this year's winners will be much improved.

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Noodlecup4042d ago

How about making some good games to play before making generic crap filled with "fun" achievements.

IHATEGOD4042d ago

are you another jealous Sony fanboy, upset your system has nothing new, tired of watching slightly better than dvd blu-rays. Or are you waiting for metal crap solid 4? Or are you jealous over achievements, I know I would be. See MS has rewarded people with there achievements, I personally have won games and MS points from my achievements. So what has Sony done for you lately?

BIGBAER4042d ago

Noodle, I would LOVE to hear your opinions if you would ever post anything with valid content that contained worthy discussion material.

We all know you are a sonyTroll; why don't you try being objective for a change. Try it, it would be a nice change.

Until then, your comment above should be reported as SPAM as it adds not a single item of value.


BIGBAER4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

A lot of people cry out that they don't need Achievements to prove how good they are; they claim that everyone already knows.

Several things in reply to that mindset: First, Achievements are not about bragging rights, certainly not in their initial value. They are about 'completion' and 'determination.' And Second, when Achievements are used as bragging rights among friends they add greatly to the ever present level of competitiveness friends already enjoy!

Quality Achievements, those that require effort and perfection, raise the bar for the average gamer. They present in-game hurdles for gamers to strive for and to add a sense of additional accomplishment and fun within the game.

Honestly, I would challenge anyone who does not see the value of well thought out Achievements (as well as Sony's future implentation of Trophies in Home) as being at least a little bit dishonest.

Come on, don't even the least competitve-centric individuals 'keep score' for at least some elemnts of their life?

Who plays basketball without keeping score? Who would attentd school only to say "Don't bother giving me grades. I KNOW how good I am!"

Really! Heck, how many people track their gas mileage as if it were some betting board!

Achievemts are great! Don't pretend they are not. C'mon Sony fans, walk tall and don't act like a NOODLE! I will stand firm with you against any who make light of Home's Trophies.

These are simply Sony's implementations of Microsoft's Achievement system. Neither share the same implementation, but both share the same purpose---a sense of achievement and a source of extra challenge.

Lastly, if and truly IF, you don't care about achievements or trophies then go somewhere else. This thread is ABOUT Achievements and which ones gamers liked the best, hated the most of laughed the hardest at.

My favorite will always be the one that required me to use the harpoon gun and spear five gang members to the side of a vehicle in Crackdown. I laughed long and hard at that one. The site of my car and my co-op partner's cars racing through the streets with a total of ten gang members flailing wildly from the sides of our cars will not soon be forgotten: it was pure hilarity--sick hilarity---and totally pure crazy fun!

Isn't that what games are supposed to provide? Without Achievements, I would have missed out on far too many similar moments.

I hope you guys enjoy your 'trophies' as much as I enjoy my Achievements!


IHATEGOD4042d ago

That crackdown one was awesome, it was great how you could drive around with them still stuck on your car. I laughed for hours as I continued to harpoon people. By the way well spoken rant.

BIGBAER4041d ago

I can't wait for Crackdown 2, I've heard rumors from the developer that they have even more wickedly mad stuff planned for the next one.

I'm IN!