Jonathan Blow explains why he doesn’t play Japanese videogames anymore

Jonathan Blow, the designer of the hit puzzle platofrmer ‘Braid’ and the forthcoming exploration puzzle game ‘The Witness’ has explained why he no longer play Japanese videogames, more specifically modern Japanese videogames.

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tantobanto3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Finally, someone who sees the problem with both the west and the east

but he does generalize a bit

he should play fire emblem

Oh yeah “So I don’t play very many Japanese games anymore.”

isnt none, sensationalism

Megaman_nerd3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

I agree with him too. FF13 is guilty of all he said and even then if the battle system would have been fleshed out a bit beyond some little of micromanagement I wouldn't have hated on it. But their intentions were obvious, they wanted that casual market so they went for the easy and flashy stuff with no substance. =/

ratsrock3385d ago

The tittle of the article is misleading.

If you saw the whole thing, the interview was about many things not just one particular thing.

The writter just wants more views for him and more hate for Jonathan Blow.

It's not fair and its not honest. Never mind if you agree or dissagre, if true or false.

This is a deliberate misinterpretation of a message and a misleading of an intereview with a game developer that was actuallly incitefull and broad, not just "I don't play Japansese" or "I don't like mainstream." This is not being pretentious, this is being honest.

gamingdroid3385d ago

I'm actually kind of opposite, as I prefer to receive a little handholding. I hate games that doesn't tell you jack squat other than a cryptic hint at best and then you walk around aimlessly until you randomly and accidentally find the goal.

I can't stand games like that so no thank you!

eak33385d ago

I want at least a clear concise layout of what every button on the controller does in the game. I know in BF3 it took me literally months to figure out how to spot someone. Not quite as long in figuring out how to switch from auto to semi auto fire, but I shouldnt have to figure that crap out.

OmegaSlayer3385d ago

I really don't like people so disrepctful for other people's works.

will_c_753386d ago

I think that is why a game like demon souls was such a breath of fresh air. It constantl slapped you around but then you pass a spot and it really can feel like an acheivement

rezzah3386d ago

MH is like that, though the learning curve far bigger than the Demons souls series.

Taking down the Monsters is extremely hard the first time, but overtime you slowly start to kick ass faster then before. Until what may take 40 min the first time now takes 15 mins.

Also that feeling you get for taking them down is awesome, like you just accomplished a great task (just like in Demon/Dark souls.

HarryMasonHerpderp3386d ago

"They take the stance that, if a player is afraid of your game and you aren’t very careful holding the player’s hand through everything, then the player will run away.”

Two games:
Demons souls
Dark souls

MeridianHope3386d ago

Those are the (increasingly rare) exceptions to what he describes. *Most* Japanese games do exactly what he describes and it's why I also generally ignore them.

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were both brilliant though.

HarryMasonHerpderp3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

western games in general do it more in my opinion
I cant remember playing a western game that didn't hold my hand the entire way through.
Always checkpoints every second,easy button prompts all the time and a new example mass effects "action mode" or "RPG mode" why put that in other than to make people think less about what they are doing? and holding their hand through the game.

pixelsword3385d ago

Western games do it a lot, just in different ways. Lousy, shallow plots that a spastic fourth grader can follow, auto-aim, the ability to 'nade spam areas, one-swipe knife kills, The unholy trinity in FPS: Machine guns with the accuracy of sniper rifles with a reflex sight, shotguns that can't seem to kill most people with one shot up close; but when you scope them from a ridiculous distance you can pop 'em, and sniper rifles which in most cases shoots too slow and can kill by hitting someone on the toe or shoots fast and stable for a sniper rifle but takes as much bullets as a machine gun.

Heaven forbid that a game that takes place in the future or an alien planet has exotic weaponry.

Optical_Matrix3385d ago

So do most Western Games though. I can list more Japanese games that I've found difficult this generation than I can western games. And I've played an equal amount of HD games from both sides of the pond.

I think what blow highlighted here was the problem with game design in the 21st century in general.

Saladfax3386d ago

Yes, though quite brilliant, Demon's and Dark Souls were both made in the western rpg style, so...

And yes, yes, you can say Japanese versus Western RPGs only refer to the region, but in full honesty there are some very, very clear genre tropes and tendencies between the two. They're different genres whose titles just happen to be regional.

DigitalAnalog3386d ago

"were both made in the western rpg style, so..."

How so? I've never played a western RPG like demon's souls.

dragonknight43385d ago

Can you name me a western developed RPG that plays like Demon's/Dark Souls? I would like to know too.

Saladfax3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

*rolls eyes*

JRPG stylings tend towards Japanese story-telling tropes and norms. Watch anime, play any of most any FF or similar style game made in the last 10 years. If you think this presentation style is at all similar to Western traditions, then well... I obviously can't help you understand.

Now look at Demon's/Dark Souls. Does anything about that particular game resemble ANYTHING AT ALL about the usual stylings of Japanese storytelling?

In addition, JRPGs tend to tell a specific story with specific characters. Your protagonists are all named, their clothing and appearance is set in stone. They have characterization and story arc.

Western RPGs tend to place a player into the story, letting them choose how to go about it. This means appearance customization, wide range of class/ability choices, and so on.

With that *very* simple difference, tell me which Demon's/Dark Souls more closely resembles?

But yes, just look the damn thing up. Pretty much everyone agrees that Demon's/Dark Souls is a western-style RPG made by a Japanese company. Is it exactly the same gameplay as Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Fable, Kingdoms of Amalur?

Of course not, but then again how many similarities are there between *those* games? Oh right, about as much similarity as they have with Demon's/Dark Souls.

If you still somehow think I'm impuning the honor of From Software by suggesting they made a Western RPG, then go look up Extra Credits. They're currently involved in a three-week long episode series on the differences between the two genres.

Dacapn3385d ago

Demon's and Dark souls are more similar to Zelda, which is a Japanese game.

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morganfell3385d ago

Too many developers cannot tell the difference between games that are hard and games that hard while still being fair to the player. The key is to watch player reaction during beta testing. If a player is getting their ass handed to them over and over and they are blaming the game then there is an issue. But if a player is getting repeated royal beatdowns yet blames themselves for not paying attention, not reacting, etc then you know you are on the right track.

Too many developers cheat the player as a means of increasing difficulty and such design is simple idiocy. No one will admit it but the Mass Effect series is rife with this sort of crap design.

bozebo3385d ago

100% true.

Except not beta testing, playtesting ^_^

HarryMasonHerpderp3385d ago

So true mass effect seems to of been watered down after each instalment in order to make it more "user friendly" (holding hand) and they need to realize that's not what made the first mass effect so great and gained millions of fans in the first place.

HurstDarkStar3386d ago


Psychonaughty3386d ago

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devilhunterx3386d ago

Funny, I thought COD was a western game.

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