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Street Fighter X Tekken: Who’s Playing or Passing on this Title?

GamerFitNation writes: Street Fighter X Tekken has just been released this week and people seem to be picking this game right off of the shelves right? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case to me, although I may be a small minority in this case. Capcom’s collaboration title with Tekken appears to be a very good game as it stands upon an 86 rating on PS3 and an 87 rating on the Xbox 360 at the time this article was written.

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Community2475d ago
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dedicatedtogamers2475d ago

I don't care that CAPCOM "promises" they won't do a Super Edition and that everything will be done through DLC...

...I'll wait for the Super Edition.

killcycle2475d ago

Not that I'm defending that milking company but if Capcom make a statement as blunt as this they do normally stick to it.

Anyway whether you hate the way they market or not you can't deny that this game is a great game. Had it for 3 days and haven't played anything else, much better then SSF4 and for the most part Tekken characters mix with the engine very well.

GearSkiN2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

was about to buy a used copy already. (that was fast) pretty soon it will drop to $40

jetlian2474d ago

with all the dlc stuff its getting l can tell at most they will have goty edition.So no super version.. question is do you wanna wait that long.

me i'll have mine by next wednesday. hate letting people get to much training time on you

JohnnyMann4202474d ago

I passed because I'm all fought out. If Capcom didn't rush and release three different versions of the same game I am sure I would have picked this up by now.

Capcom is becoming dumb with their IPs.

closnyc2474d ago

i agree and people who dont know how to play the game say its the same game, cause it never is, due to balance changes that completely change the game. They are very different version. I am obsessed with sf and sf x tekken is no exception. I want them to milk me cause i love this so much.

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TheHater2475d ago

I don't buy Capcom that a no

Chuk52475d ago

I sold it.
I got the whole mass effect trilogy now ( I had the older games, but my brother lost them, so repurchased them yesterday)

I also got a points card for trials evolution and retro city rampage.

Game4life2475d ago

I'm just gonna wait for the vita version that has all the dlc lol

GearSkiN2475d ago

vita multiplayer not gonna last. plus fighting game on a device not so great...

JohnnyMann4202474d ago

You obviously don't know what the hell you are talking about. I have MvC 3 in my Vita and the controls are top notch.

Vita MP works just like the console version of MvC3. You can play arcade mode, get challenged etc... just like consoles.

Vita's MP will last and already works great.

Next time learn a little about a device before bashing it.

Game4life2474d ago

I dont have any multiplayer games right now aside from hot shots golf and that works great

KillerPwned2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I'm waiting for either the vita edition with 12 extra characters and $40 or gonna wait for a super or somewhat of a kind edition.

I will give it a rent from redbox if I can get my hands on it tho this game looks sick!

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