Which Console Won Christmas?

The Bitbag writes, "I made a prediction in an article back in October explaining my reasons why Playstation 3 will come in 3rd this holiday for sales. I stated 5 reasons to back my claims and now that Christmas is over, we can revisit the sales of December to see who came in first, second and third."

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Anything but Cute4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

looking at US totals only is not seeing the big picture.

World wide hardware totals for December according to VG chartz, which is what this article is going by.

1. Wii - 2,176,529
2. 360 - 1,220,832
3. PS3 - 1,080,457

Wii F*cken dominated! And that was even with shortages, go to a store right now and you probably won't find one.

I can't believe that PS3 held it's own against XBOX 360 worldwide. If you would of told me that earlier in the year, I would of said you're f*cken nuts. 360 had Halo 3 and the greatest lineup of games ever according to most gaming media. It was also still cheaper than PS3.

Things weren't looking too good for PS3 for a while there. If you're a PS3 fan and you're realistic, you gotta be pretty satisfied. It should atleast have a chance to have a good 2008.

Don't want to sound too PS3 fanboy, but if these worldwide totals are close to the truth, then I don't know any other way to look at it. The numbers say it all, it's pretty close.

socomnick4043d ago

lol this must be the 5th time I heard you say that whats it mean ?

aceman74043d ago

A Toyota is faster than a Porsche because it's cheaper.

mikeslemonade4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

This article fails to see the worldwide sales. The PS3 and 360 are actually neck and neck. The 360 has a slight lead since october, but since mid December PS3 has more worldwide sales. These articles need to stop just showing U.S. data. Sorry to burst your bubbles xflop fans.

athlon7704043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Your pricing is a bit off...

PS3 = $399 (40gig) or $499 (80gig)
X360 = $279 (Arcade, no hard drive) up to $449 (Elite with 120gig)
Wii - $249

I like how you put Sony's most expensive with the 360 middle of the road.


interesting, anything but cute, you change your entire post? Nice! For those of you that missed it, her/his original post stated "you have to pay the cost to be the boss" and listed the three systems prices, and didn't do a very good job of it either. So someone catches you at it and you re-vamp your post to something completly different...that is pretty cheap, even from you!

Dissagrees with no reasons, you kids need to grow a pair and speak up!

Bebedora4043d ago

you just deserves a buble for that!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Depends on what kind of Toyota you are buying, Supra is pretty damn fast. So is the Camaro, Viper and Mustang, all of wich cost less than most Porsche.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Guess I'll use this space to talk about the weather. It's cold outside, the end.

karlostomy4043d ago


it's cold outside? What?

Here in the Southern OZ it is 39.4 degrees celcius
NYE gonna be 41+ degrees!

Damn i hate the hot weather.

Mikey_Gee4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

wrong area

godofthunder104043d ago

i knew it was going to end up like this.i don't like the wii but i knew that it was going to be first and the 360 second and the ps3 third.
what i don't understand is why do people keep saying just because it's more expensive it's better.the truth is that a lot of products that's more expensive isn't better then the cheaper one.i hear people compareing cars,they say that the ps3 is a jag and the 360 is a toyota for exsample,just to try and make the highest price product look better then the cheapest one.for exsample take a carvett and make it a 360 and tale a lambogni (i can't spell it) and make it a ps3,now honestly there is no way in hell that the lambogi is worth more then $200,000 then the vet when the vet is really in the same bracket as the lambogi because some of the new vets go just as fast as some of the lambogni,the only thing that you are really paying for is the name because they are made out of the same damn thing and that's a fact.
what i'm trying to say is that the 360 and ps3 are both damn good systems with good games,hell about %96 to %98 of the games or on both systems and they both have good exclusives.
instead of acting childish people shouldn't even worry about the system that they don't have because it doesn't even concern them.every one should just talk about all the good games that's coming out instead of the systems because they will both be around as long as people want video games and not like one ps3 fan said when he said that this will be the last system that microsoft will make because they are loseing to much money.the truth is that microsoft finaly seen a profit this year and if they didn't they would still have another system because bill gates his self said that people don't have to worry because nomater what they will stay in the video game market,hell why wouldn't they because the money that they lose if they will lose any will just help them on their taxes.this is what i'm talking about,a fan of one system talking about another system and doesn't know what he's talking about.
the truth is that if the 360 or the ps3 fails then all the gamers will lose because all the games wouldn't be as good because they wouldn't put a whole bunch of money into a game like they do now because even if the games are just half as good as they are now they could still charge $60 a game because people will still have to buy them because they will have no choice like they do now.

MANTIIS4043d ago

Wii is like the WWE, and PS3 is like TNA. We all know TNA whoops WWE's arse.

athlon7704043d ago

I think I struck a nerve for little cutie pie...

So you totaly re-edit your post, I catch you at it, and you send me this...
----------------------------- ---------
"15 hours ago | By: Anything but Cute

go fck yourself XBOT
PS3 starts at 399.99

360 starts at 279.99

for whatever it's worth, the 360 is still cheaper.

The only 360 sku that costs more than a PS3 is 360's luxury sku, which costs more than PS3's cheapest."
----------------------------- ---------

Whats the matter cutie, that the best you got, calling me a xbot and having me do sexual relations with myself? Sad, really sad indeed.

Yes, the 360 is cheaper than the PS3, congratulations, I guess that is something you can truly be proud of...

Now where is that soap, your mouth needs a cleaning!

solidt124043d ago

I agree with Anything but Cute all the way. With the PS3 still being $399 at its cheapest and still being so close in sells to the 360 even with less big games is amazing and the price didn't drop until November. 08 is going to be an interesting year. I think there could be another price drop before GTA IV comes out on the 360 and the PS3 but we will see.. It is more likely to happen around Christmas. The Wii dominated and I am glad that Nintendo has been successfull this time around.

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HarryEtTubMan4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

PS3 didnt come in 3rd.... being the first full Christmas selling in Europe and everywhere else... only end of its first year... with "no games" and at 399$-499$ and it still didn't lose haha. HILARIOUS. Sony is very happy right now. I dont think ANYONE expected they could still sale 9 million by the end of the first full year. 2008 is gonna be even better. And 2009 even better...

I HAVE A PS3 AND 360... PS3 didn't obviouslt do THE BEST. It did do very good though for a 399$-499$ priced conosle lol. Software sales did equal per ratio in the US and the won in Europe and Japan... what is there no to understand... honestly both consoles did good. PERIOD. PS3 will see better software sales next year FOR CERTAIN but the 360 is doing well. Its just amazing the PS3 with no really big games and costing almot double outsold the 360 that just released Halo... IT'S biggest game ever. IF YOUR BRAIN CAN'T UNDERSTAND THAT UR F#CKING STUPID.

bRO WHAT DID U NOT UNDERSTAND? Isn't it OBVIOUS that the year old Playstation 3 with 3.3 million users in the U.S. is NOT going to outsell a 360 with 8 million users? WHAT DO U U NOT UNDERSTAND? Notice it sitll did outsell the 360 in Europe and Japan in Hardware and Japan... guys if the PS3 already came from behind and was winning in the US the 360 would be a HUGE FLOP. It just released Halo... what is there no to understand? PS3 sold a million software in the US. The 360 sells 2.7 million... lol u think its gonna stay that way? What do u want to pretend the PS3 isnt relaly a year old? Do u you want to pretned its gonna stay at 3.3 million by the end of 2008? IO dont get it.. it still won in Europe and Japan and New Zealand. Probally Australia too or at least tied. The PS3 actually won in hardware sales.... THINK ABOUT THAT. WOW. You KNOW its going to be winning in 2-3 years. Everyone knows it. But to be winning now with its game selection versus the 360? Its not even funny. The 360 got PWNED. How do u think the PS3 is gonna sale more soft ware DUHHHH by selling hardware .... and at almost TWICE THE PRICE it beat the 360 that JUST RELEASED HALO! You can pretend that software for the PS3 should be winning but there wasn't a chance in h3ll. Especailly considering Halo, Mass Effect and Bioshock was released. GUYS ITS NOT EVEN COMPARABLE. Put things into perspective. The PS3 is gonna outsell the 360 almost all next year in Hardware. It really is... but software.... its gonna getr WAYYY better but I doubt in its second year its going to just magically outsell the 360's userbase. Anyone with a brain in their head understands the PS3 is gonna catch up... its going to happen... but in 2008 alone? LMAO NO. Its gonna take 2-3 years at least but it will begin outselling the 360 more in its seoncd year. The games are actually ccoming people. THE WHOLE WORLD like MGS. And GT5. And final Fantasy. and Killzone 2 is gonna impress alot of people. Socom. Theres a sh!tload of games coming. Either way I'm relaly just happy BOTH consoles are gonna do good this generation. Even if Sony only sold 9 million a year for the next 9 years it would still sale 100 million. Its not gonna happen that way thouguh.. sales have already picked up. PS3 ahsmomentum going with it now and great games are coming out. ALOT of them. The only difference this generation is the Xbox is a good system or "thought of " as a better system to. Its not gonna just get stuck at 25 million and not go anywhere. But if u honestly believe its going to be keeping up with the Playstaion 3 in 2-4 years when the PS3 price is low and all the games.... You are seriously handicapped... what really makes u believe the PS3 isnt gonna sale like any other playstation when its the onle console in the freaking world that just could beat the Xbox in these circumstances. Its not even funny. IF this would have been the 360 that came out a year later with no games and the PS3 lauched first with all its games... IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RAPED TO THE CORE. BUT THE PLAYSTATION3 JUST WON EVERY SINCE THE PRICE CUT. IT sohuoldnt have at all YET!i UNDERSTAND ITS ONLY 25K UNITS... In reality it should have lost by 300k or more. It actually won. OFCOURSE IT CANT WIN IN SOFTARE DUUUUHHHH AND IT WONT FOR A COUPLE MORE YEARS!

Legion4043d ago

What were you reading? PS3 double outselling the XBox 360? Nice way to put your own spin on a story. Tossing in your own figures. Here is an idea, just go off and finish tossing yourself. Seems like you are better at that.

Sorry to those of you who are living outside of the U.S. but the gaming market for me is here and it is the LARGEST market in the World and will dictate how a system will progress. If you loose the U.S. market, then regardless of your world plan you are in for trouble. Can you exist without the U.S. Market? Not as a competing power.

Sony had better fix their sales in the U.S. or they will surely loose this console war and have to rely on their other avenues of income to stay alive.

Sorry, those are the current facts and until the world sees fit to give the crown to someone else then the U.S. will have to take the burden of entertainment hub and drive the markets.

Spin is a funny thing... it always seems to come back around to you. Sony is getting caught up in their own spin and we will have to wait and see if they come out of it walking a straight line or twirling off into the crowd falling smack on their face.

You don't sell consoles to make money. You sell consoles to allow the software sales to make you money. If you don't have the software sells then you are just losing money on each console you sell and nothing more. (other then a tax write off)

IntelligentAj4043d ago

While I agree with you to an extent your thinking is slightly flawed. Even if the US is the largest market Sony doesn't need to win. I don't understand why people seem to think this. If they can stay close to the 360(which comparing first year sales and worldwide sales which aren't bad by any stretch of the imagination)in the US then the PS3 will be fine because it will only pick up steam here and abroad. Have you people forgotten that it's only been out one year with some amazingly stiff competition?(The 360. I don't count the Wii because it's a different market) How about you all wait until the end of 08 to try and be prescient.

dragunrising4043d ago

It's time to take the psycho pills. are not the President of Sony...or part of marketing. You are living off of mommy and step daddy in the basement, pretending you own a PS3.

Texas GMR4043d ago

I live in the Dallas/Fort worth metroplex and everyplace I went to at Christmas that carry the consoles. (2 Best Buys and Walmart) Every 360 was sold out besides the Arcade edition, and there were still a TON of PS3s still on the shelves, both the 40g and the 80g. I personally saw Best Buy sell through a skid of 360s (50 or so Pro editions) and about 20 Elites in 3 days. (Wed.-Fri.) Is VG talking about shipped or sold? If they count shipped, then I think January could be a big month for the 360 too, because of the restocking.

Did anybody notice the same where they live?

Mikey_Gee4043d ago

but since you brought it up, I actually noticed the same thing. BB, FS and Wally World. Actually Costco was along the same pattern.

Wii ......... IMPOSSIBLE to find !!

Legion4043d ago

Just to clarify. Seeing that I use the word loose a few times in my previous statement I should maybe clarify the use of it. I was not referring to coming in last in my first use of the word. I was referring to loosing (not keeping) the U.S. market. As in they are doing so poorly in the U.S. market that they are in danger of loosing it completely. And as mentioned before, this will surely cause a big dent in their capabilities of keeping their gaming system afloat.

Now the other part of loosing the console war. Yes, that is probably never going to happen. Only due to the fact that the console wars will be going on for ever. But Sony is in the proverbial quagmire in the U.S. with their system and they can't seem to stop the bleeding of their system due to their competition having a stronger front.

And the part about waiting until the end of 2008? I kept hearing the same thing about wait until 2007 when PS3 comes and takes over. How many years do I have to hear this statement? Let me help a few PS3Donkeys (not putting you in that group intelligentai), try helping yourself out by NOT using the word WAIT in a post. And especially not the words WAIT AND SEE together! Just hasn't been working for your past posts nor your current posts with the PS3.

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Nuch Vader4043d ago

All those poor bastards that got Playstation 3's for Christmas. Most of those users probably had no idea that their new system wouldn't play their Playstation 2 games.

sonyfanonly4043d ago

people who bought a ps3 aint looking forward to playing their ps2 games on it thats not the point of buying a ps3 games like uncharted killzone final fantasy metal gear solid 4 god of war 3 little big planet haze heavenly sword gran turismo 5 and so many more games thats the reason to buy a ps3 and you would no that if you was atleast 16 everybody that has bought a ps3 is happy with their purchase now for the rrod xsux systems i cant say for them because we all know they love to buy sh^t

ForTheFallen4043d ago

Well, I recently upgraded (or down, considering my predicament) to Vista. And naturally, it screwed my wireless adapter.


I just used my Sony Computer Entertainment System (/sarcasm). Web browser was a godsend while I figured out the kinks in my internet.

Begining of the year: Me, one other friend have PS3 (out of four)
now all of my friends have PS3's. Even Joey, who was freaking addicted to Rainbow Six for 360.

PS3 owns 360

Greek994043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

but im prety sure not everybody knows the 40gb PS3 cant play PS2 games. With so many different SKU , it going to confuse people. Dont get me wrong, im not bashing on the PS3 but its the truth.

perseus4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

At least in Japan, it's written in big bold lettering on the box that you can't play PS2 games. Everyone will know that the 40Gb doesn't play PS2 games the instant they look at the box.

If, after buying one, someone doesn't know that the PS3/40Gb doesn't play PS2 games, it's their own fault for not reading the damn box.

Bebedora4043d ago

@OP: You are SO ignored

athlon7704043d ago

you mean beyond the whole "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PS2 GAMES" sticker on the front of the box?

Yeah there are a lot of blind parents out there that mistakenly picked up a Wii box instead of a PS3 or X360 also...NOT!

(No wonder why the Wii is selling so well, people can't read and the entire world is illiterate)

TheZippo4043d ago

I totally agree. If any of you have ever worked with people you too know how they can be. Some just ignore what is in front of their faces. Also when I purchased my PS3 it had no sticker, no gold letters just little tiny black ones on the back that said PS2 games aren't compatable. However I knew that already.

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Bill Gates4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

1st place - Wii
2nd place - PS3
3rd place - PS2
4th - DS
5th - PSP
6th - PS1
7th - Sega Genesis
8th - SNES
9th - N64
10th - NES
11th - ...
12th - .....
13th - .......
15th - Heatbox360


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