Battlefront 3 evidence mounts, Spark goes clubbing with LucasArts

OXM UK: "Forumites at Gloom Walkers have been keeping tabs on Spark Unlimited following rumours that the developer has a new Battlefront game in the can, and they've made some interesting discoveries."

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Ilovetheps42416d ago

I hope that they do an unveiling at E3. I can't wait to see this game. I played the first two a ton and I can't wait to play these now.

iamnsuperman2416d ago

That and a Timesplitters 4 announcement will make my E3. Been way to long

guitarded772416d ago


Sorry, I'm just really, really frustrated. I've been following the development and drama of this game for a long time. I just want to play it already... or at least have an announcement so I can drool all over the trailers and screen shots.

Wenis2416d ago

Me too. Though from what I've 'gathered', I think Spark is making a new Bounty Hunter game, and LucasArts is actually making SWBF3 themselves.

guitarded772416d ago

I actually hope this is true, because Spark kinda sucks. :) If LA is working on SWBF3, I hope they make it like the Free Rad version.

Are you on the LucasArts forums?

DeadlyFire2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Lucasarts makes nothing themselves. I think you should be eyeing Rebellion if your really looking at BF3. Its confirmed to have a project in the works TBA/PSVita that is a third person shooter. Showed up only a couple months ago.

guitarded772415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I appreciate you input, but LucasArts does make games internally, most recently, the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions of Star Wars The Force Unleashed I and II. They also internally developed Lucidity at the same time. They do outsource a lot of their titles, but LA is most definitely a developer with internal games. Their campus in San Francisco is pretty impressive.

As for Rebellion... the rumor of them having SWBF3 goes back to the days of Free Radical losing the project. Rumor was Rebellion had obtained SWBF3, but it turned out they were working on SWBF Elite Squadron (There is still debate on whether the code behind it is based on code given to them by LA, from Free Radical). Ultimately, if Rebellion is working on a SWBF game, I'd expect it to be a handheld version... possibly fro Vita. LucasArts tends to concentrate on the HD consoles and outsources the PC, Wii and handheld versions of their AAA games.

AusRogo2416d ago

Stop fuckin us around! you will have my money straight away. Im not one for pre ordering, but so help me ill pre order a special edition! Gimme that shit!