Microsoft commits $300 million to consumer advertising 'blitz'

Early in 2008, the world's largest software will begin spending $200 million to $300 million to make sure the word Microsoft continues to be a relevant household name by advertising its wares: the Xbox 360, the newer Zune digital media players, Windows Vista PCs and Windows Mobile.

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Rangelo4036d ago

Good move by Microsoft.

CeruleanSky4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )


500 dollars

Can use any off the shelf laptop harddrive to cheaply upgrade to 250gigs right now

Free online play for all games

Dedicated servers for all major games - no lag, high player counts


350 dollars

50 dollar a year online fees = over five years is 250 dollars extra

2x as expensive to upgrade the internal harddrive - can only use the size drives Microsoft chooses to offer you

So you are paying at least 600 dollars for graphically wimpy and defective on a scale never seen before Xbox 360 that is jet engine loud with its last gen 12x DVD drive that actually hold about 1.5gigs less data than the PS2 and Xbox did last gen. Oh yeah, and it scratches or destroys your 60 dollar game discs.

Oh, and even though you are forced to pay 50 dollars every year to be allowed to play games online Microsoft won't give you dedicated server like PC and PS3 games have so you end up playing laggy online games with low player counts.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4036d ago

Hey I also like music by the "Spinners" but just like everything else this gen it sounds and plays better on a 360. :-)

ForTheFallen4036d ago

Now the Xbox support trups will come singing that they have rapidly outdating games...

Ahhh MGS4?
Haze even?
Ratchet And Clank?

Didn't think so.

What does Micro have for 2008?

WilliamRLBaker4036d ago

how much does sony put into advertisements like the Masturbating to soccer games? and the evil eyed baby? and PORTABLE CHEESE? WHZATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!?


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Anything but Cute4036d ago

PS3 starting at $399.99 or XBOX 360 starting at $279.99.

On what grounds does Sony charge even 1 cent more than XBOX 360? Oh what GROUNDS motherf*ckers, you tell me....

It's the same thing, all the games are multi now because of the development costs and smaller user base. If anything 360 has the better exclusives like Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect because it's easier to develope for, is more established, has a larger user base.

All I see is that 360 launching a year first and at $399 not $599 has helped it.

PS3 should cost the same as 360. But Sony just doesn't want to pay the cost so 360 stays the boss.

Like I said, you gotta pay the cost to be the boss.

Genuine4036d ago

I guess they expect people to pay them while they shove their in-house movie format up everyone's a*s.

Bubbles for you, because I know the sony nazi's will be trying to take them away.

mighty_douche4036d ago

personally i bought the PS3 because all the console games i want are exclusive to it and all the good 360 or multiplat games i get for the PC where they look and run much better anyway. Also i dont want a DVD player, i wanted a HD movie player to go with the HDTV i forked out for.

Oh and its Black and looks much better in my media centre than a once white now yellow box with a brick half way down the cable.

whoelse4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Unlike your *laughs* 360, the PS3 also has blu-ray, bluetooh, wifi, motion controllers, best lineup for 2008, no 33% fail rate, no jet noise fan, free online, web browser, DivX certification, HDD standard replaceable and alot more.

With the 360 everything is extra. I would say go back to your 360 but i guess yours is in repair.

RudeSole Devil4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Out the box the PS3 has
1. Wireless
2. Blu-Ray player
3. Free online services
4. Open framework (try coping something off an external device to your Xbox hard drive).
5. HDMI port.
6. Register any Blu Tooth device.
7. Install your own OS
8. Install your own Hard drive size.
And the list keeps going..........

Here what you get with your Shi_t Box 360

1. Nothing extra.

And you ask why ??????

Lord_Mike4036d ago

Yeah I pay the cost (PS3) to be the boss. My system has everything the above comment mentions. Bluray cost $400 so an extra $100 gets me a powerful console.

Blitzed4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Didn't you pay them? I'm only asking since you've gone out of your way to explain that you owned a PS3 several times.

On topic- Maybe this is just NA but I definately have noticed the stornger marketing push for the 360. Sony only recently seems to be getting it that there is some real compettion this time around, and they cant sell thier console on brand recognition alone.

WilliamRLBaker4036d ago

yep ps3 had all that..and yet no one was buying it till they dropped the price twice and said oh come and get it casue we are discontinueing this product and raising the price again.....FIRE SALE!!!!

and yet it has all that...still nope still not beating the vastly (cough) BS (cough) inferior Wii and 360....oh and it has ALLL that yet 360 has something like 20-30 games that sold over 1m, ps3 has like...2 lol

All we need say this this.
360-15.69m world wide
ps3-8.41 world wide

^29 games sold over 1 million.
^ 4 games sold over 1 million.

Torch4036d ago

First off, Happy Holidays.

Secondly, a friendly piece of advice:

I've learned long ago that providing your recent sound logic is futile, and will only fall on deaf, biased ears. Even a gimp can understand the superior value that the PS3 provides.

The fail to accept that comparing the robust PS3 to pretty much any 360 model is not comparing apples-to-apples.

With the PS3, I'm getting a crispy, delicious, shiny new apple.

With the 360, getting nothing but the Core.

(and yes, that pun was indeed intended.)

I recommend that your energy be better spent hitting that ignore button, rather than preaching to a bunch of Bricks.

(Yeah, another pun...couldn't resist.)


On the bright side...the new Windows Home Server is supposed to be kick-ass. Other than that, they can keep their overpriced, inferior family of shovelware.

(God, how I WISH I hadn't left XP for Vista.)

whoelse4036d ago

You're forgetting that the PS3 has been out for a year less than the 360!

Also because of this, the top franchises havn't been released yet (that's next year which is its full 2nd year, just like the 360 this year with halo and mass effect)

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Genuine4036d ago

I'm a 360 fan and I'm glad MS is countering sony's holiday marketing blitz. Although, I'm not sure if I'll be able to survive another month of intense marketing. I saw sony's subliminal attack commercials so many times, that I had stop myself from stabbing my eyes out everytime they come on. Hopefully, MS commercials will be more tolerable than sony's "annoying loudmouth that won't stfu" approach.

Bill Gates4036d ago

What about the $1 BILLION dollar Blitz that is the SHIETBOX360...AHAHHAHHHAHAHAHH AHHAHHAHAH

Zhuk4036d ago

This is great news, I look forward to what we see next from the marketing genius Jeff Bell (Corporate VP of Global Marketing E&D division)

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