PlayStation Vita UMD Passport Program Updated (Japan)

Sony has updated more games to their UMD Passport Program. The program lets you download discounted versions of PSP games you already own. Unfortunately, this program is Japan only.

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badz1492412d ago

but when thinking about games not available on PSN like Daxter, Dead Head Fred etc....OMG, seriously Sony, put them great games on PSN please!

joeorc2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Can you make umd dumper work on the psp without a custom firmware?

hey... simple answer is no... umd dumper will store the umb file as an iso.. but without the CFW (customer firmware) you cant actually play the game..

its probably easier just to install the CFW, will save you a lot of time and effort
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Hacked psps have a different registry that allows them to show and play ISO games found in the root of it's memory (ms0:/iso/game.iso). Whereas a OFW PSP Won't even show the Iso Game, but can only play copyrighted games found in the directory "ms0:/psp/game/ulus10391* /EBOOT.PBP" (excluding the "*") games only. However, hacked psps also have the ability to play these types of games, and more including but not limited to: Applications**, Iso games, and CFW updates
*this is an example of a game directory.
** Applications include but not limited to: PSPwrite, IvEr psp, PSP Maps, UMD Game Dumper, and a lot more"

yes lets just blame Sony for the problem that hackers caused for the PSP platform as a whole, so when many people just stole the software instead of paying for it, they expect the few general consumers who did pay for the software, to get a software transfer program made for the PSP, so Sony has to spend more money in order to give those few the ability to transfer their umd's which means, they would say i already bought it why should i have to pay for the transfer to the PSVita?

here's a great example where the majority of the consumer's ruin it for the rest of us!, you bought the umd to play on the PSP. that's what we were sold at the time of the software for the "PSP" the psvita was not on the market at the time. That was for the PSP only. so you were able to play the game on which the platform it was made for.

you may complain that well japan get's this program how about North America, or the UK? well what about the sale's of the PSP software in those market's?. right now the strongest market for PSP software sales is in japan, not in North America or the UK.

That is a problem the Consumer caused! Hackers were so set on "HomeBrew" that they were more than willing to kill a platform for "Homebrew" than really supporting the system the software was made for. Its one thing to say the software needed to be better, but its another when the same people who say the software could be better, when they end up UMD dumping the software anyway.

Sony should do whats right by the consumer.

they are by doing whats right for the consumer's that support the PSP right now in a region that does to this day support the platform. an that right now is japan.

consider this transfer program exclusive to japan, an its the sole reason why i would imagine, because the hacker's in the rest of the world ruined it for the rest of US. So remember that the next time someone say's CFW is so cool. this could very well happen again.

this is a case in point where the Consumer is at the core of the problem , not the company that made this an issue. some could say the company needs to stand by their product, an the company is. it's just that certain consumer's could not care about the product if it live's or dies, So the small number of consumer's that do get the shaft.

thank you very much hacker's an web site's that host step by step instruction's on how to hack the PSP distributed world wide on the internet all in the name of freedom an "HomeBrew"

yes that's all a good thing right?

MoonConquistador2412d ago

A lot of good points joeorc, but way too many generalisations.

Just because the majority of software sales are in Japan, why punish the genuine consumers in NA or Europe. Until consumers start to get incentivised to buy Digital copies of games rather than the cheaper UMD alternatives for the PSP, then Sony have perpetuated the problem also.

Why can't i have the option of sending my genuine PSP UMD's to Sony and they can e-mail me a code to download the equivalent game from the PS Store.

And there are people in Japan with hacked PSP's too. Like i said, too many generalisations

Smashbro292412d ago

I have never stolen a PSP game. I have my UMDs and I refuse to buy them AGAIN. especially because the PSN store prices are INSANE.

joeorc2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

but way too many generalisations.

"Just because the majority of software sales are in Japan, why punish the genuine consumers in NA or Europe. Until consumers start to get incentivised to buy Digital copies of games rather than the cheaper UMD alternatives for the PSP, then Sony have perpetuated the problem also. "

what incentive would it take at this point? really if the point in right now the sales of UMD's are dried up in the North America an Europe market. the problem is the hackers an the downloaders for free games far an away out number the legit sales!, the problem is not so much the transferring program its the licenceing fee from 3rd parties who will charge Sony for their ip to do it! which cost's more money than what they would make on return on sales, the sales would be too low except in certain regions for PSP sales, Sony at this point would make more money on an HD remake than it would on a transfering program for a code sent to consumer's from the legit people who bought the game in the first place, that would not include the used umd sales PSP umd's that consumer's dump than return to sony for a code that the umd dumper consumer could sell to another consumer. so the umd dumper not only gets to keep his game but also makes profit off of the ip that sony had to licence from the 3rd party again for a transfer program that would net them no real return on investment. its like paying for the same licence fee twice for the same game that did not net them good sales for in the first place because the majority of consumer's just UMD dumped the content anyway. thus the legit consumer gets the shaft.

instead Sony can get a HD remake put it day an date on the psn an sell the game you may have purchased to your PSP but enhanced for the PSVita, if you want to play the game your PSP can still play the game you purchased the game for the platform it was made for in the first place.

the hacked PSP's in japan, is there yet the sales of PSP software still must be enough to cover their ROI or there would not have been a UMD transfer program for that region also. you cannot have it both ways, the Return on investment is the real bottom line if there is none than there would be no real reason they would do it if there is no way they can say to investers that there would be a real return on that investment!

remember Sony just came off a loss of 8 straight years in the TV biz, most of the PS3 returns have been slight until recently, an the PSP may have sold 70+ million but the software sales tanked an that was from piracy, because you cannot say on one hand the games could be better, but when your main sales of that game are far outstripped by pirate umd dumps, than ask invester's to make another go at it for another game from that 3rd party, when their first run game was vastly over pirated to the point of really no sales. even if you sold over a million copies which is good none the less, when the pirated copy's are many times that many over downloads, asking venture capitalists may result in a big No.

its not so clear cut as many are making it out to be, look what happened to the dream cast, great system but pirated to all hell.

DragonPrince2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )


True on all counts, and if ppl are honest with themselves, they know its true.