Blu-ray & HD DVD Year-End Studio Report Cards

Joshua Zyber Of reports:

As we move forward into the new year, it's time to look back fondly on all the exciting developments of the past 12 months. In the world of home video, 2007 was certainly a tumultuous year for the ongoing High Definition format war. Despite proclamations at the end of 2006 that the conflict would be wrapped up within a few months, both the HD DVD and Blu-ray camps remain as firmly entrenched in their positions as ever. In fact, if anything, the animosity between the two sides has only grown more bitter and vitriolic.

Big things happened in 2007, some positive and some negative for both sides. Each format saw the release of around 300 additional titles during the calendar year. Some studios made aggressive pushes for High Definition media, unleashing both major day-and-date new releases and prestigious catalog titles. Other studios seemed to back away from the table. One major player shocked the industry with an unexpected decision to drop one format entirely in favor of the other. Meanwhile, a company that was rumored last year to likewise change strategies wound up holding its ground. As if that weren't enough, yet another studio spent the better part of this last quarter mired in rumors that it was planning a shift of its own.

To bid farewell to the year that was, please join me as I look back at all of the major High Definition studios and hand out some year-end report cards, rating each on how well they've supported their chosen formats.

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PS3 Limps on and on4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

on Amazon, HD DVD sales are totally cleaning up. It looks like HD DVD is winning the format war thanks to lower prices and consumer preference. It's about time also.

HarryEtTubMan4038d ago

LMAO keep dreaming kiddie poo.

beoulve4038d ago

if only Amazon rules the world...if only amazon rules the world

ScentlessApprentice74038d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

are like oil and water, they don't mix.

Lucreto4038d ago

Considering Amazon are one of a few areas that sell HD-DVD. I can get blu-rays cheaper elsewhere.

aceman74037d ago

You ignore the fact that Blu-ray movies out-sell HD-DVD by 3-1 each month.

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GIJeff4038d ago

is here to stay, so HD-DVD can just go away.

Wonderbhoy4038d ago

You must have put a lot of thought in to that one. How about only posting when you have something constructive to say?

And to the first person who posted: You do know there are places other than amazon that sell movies right?

damnwrx4038d ago

Blu-ray Still the way to goooooo.

(b) FTW.

Mr VideoGames4038d ago

and all i have to say is "HALLE BARRY IN SWORDFISH IN HI-DEF" lol i think in the long Run HD-DVD will clean up and Blu-Ray will be losing Exclusive Studio's just like it lost Paramount.

SONY Idiots always say "OMG THEY WERE PAYED OFF BY MICROSOFT" because they can't stand the Fact that it Happens so they result to such Idiotic manner.

If a Company Payed another Company off don't you think that would result in some king of Comotion?...grow the fu*k up please

ScentlessApprentice74038d ago

because you're stupidity and prepossessed attitude could seriously rub off on others.

Electricear4037d ago

Microsoft themselves did not directly pay the 50 million to Paramount, and the 100 million to Dream works, but it is a well known fact that they were payed to switch as Viacom admitted to the NY times that they were payed for the exclusivity.

Electricear4037d ago

Both Universal and Paramount were denied the ability to release any Spielberg film exclusively on HD-DVD, yet Close and Counters of the Third kind is Exclusive to Blu-ray. To me Directors like Spielberg and Michael Bay speaking out for one format over the other say worlds more than any corporate spinning from either of the camps.

Lumbo4038d ago

On a sidenote i just bought "Blade Runner: the final cut" on BD via amazon ... Hope that does not fuxx0r "PS3 Limps on and on"s 'statistical evidence'


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