Diehard GameFAN: Little Deviants Review

DHGF: Little Deviants, as a product, fails as a game because it lacks any sort of consistent enjoyment, and fails as a tech demo because it makes poor use of the tech available, making it basically undesirable in most respects. In fairness, the game is generally pleasant in an aesthetic sense, if not in a technical one, and some of the mini-games on display are amusing enough that they might be able to keep your interest for a while. There’s also a decent amount of unlockable content and Trophies for the player who enjoys earning these sorts of things, and you can compete with your friends over high scores if you find that interesting. However, the game shows its lack of any real variety or depth early on, and many of the mini-games in the package are simply badly designed and don’t lend themselves to ONE play, let alone repeat plays.

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