Missing in Action - The Lost Vikings

PixlBit | When talking about Blizzard Entertainment, it’s almost impossible to imagine the company before the creation of their core pillars of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. It’s even more difficult to think of the company making games for home consoles, but in the early 90s both of these unimaginable things were true. Under the original company name of Silicon & Synapse, the house that would be Blizzard produced The Lost Vikings—a beloved side-scrolling puzzle game that fell by the wayside for juggernauts like Warcraft. We have some love for those quirky Vikings around here, so it was high time for them to get their very own MIA.

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smashdaisaku2414d ago

I miss these guys; also Rock N' Roll Racing

AusRogo2413d ago

I used to love this game on snes!