Tomb Raider Underworld: Game Save System To Remember Debris

Tomb Raider Chronicles, December 28th 2007:

Among a slew of new features being stencilled into Tomb Raider Underworld by developer Crystal Dynamics is a dynamic new game-save system whereby the position of debris and enemy corpses will be recorded to file, ensuring seamless game-play for those hanging up Lara's boots in favour of a quick brew.

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Skerj4581d ago

Wow, Eidos actually made a decent choice by giving this game to Crystal Dynamics I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to a freaking Tomb Raider game.

Waffle-boy4581d ago

But this is not anything new, and its certainly not a freaking news story! This has been used since the first savegame in a game ever. Saving information to a file, I mean. Many games "save debris and corpse locations OMG!!".

LinuxGuru4580d ago

Can you say....