Konami Shows MGS HD Vita Screens, Boxart, Info and Release date

Konami Japan has updated their official website with new information regarding the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PlayStation Vita. In addition, they posted some screens, the boxart and information about the controls.

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Snookies122416d ago

It's a bit of a blow that Peace Walker isn't on this... :[

Nyxus2416d ago

In Japan Peace Walker was a separate release for the console HD Collection as well. So maybe all three games will be bundled for the US and Europe, who knows.

Snookies122416d ago

Hmmm, you do have a point there. Well, at least it gives me some hope! Even if Peace Walker isn't in the Vita version, I'll still most likely buy it. To have MGS:2 and MGS:3 HD on the go is too good of a thought to pass up when it comes to legendary games you have to own.

DigitalRaptor2415d ago

I think they might include a network code for Peace Walker (PSP) for this collection. The KojiPro website originally mentioned that a code for Peace Walker would be included in the PS3 version of the collection and it turns out that it wasn't, so it's possible they saved it to be released for this version.

GraveLord2415d ago

Glad to see that Metal Gear Solid can now be experienced by anyone regardless of platform.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2415d ago

wonder if i can transfar my ps3 saves.

nevin12415d ago

If there is no peace walker, it will be odd to charge $49.99.