New Fallout 3 screenshots

2 new screenshots from Bethesda's upcoming PC, X360 and PS3 title Fallout 3.

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PS3 Limps on and on4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

People acted like it.

wait beyooooooooooond!

socomnick4571d ago

Its not xbox 360 exclusive they said that Xbox 360 is the lead platform.

ThaGeNeCySt4571d ago

these are bad screens, but then again they are zoomed in magazine pics so it's ok


MK_Red made me very interested in this series.

MK_Red4571d ago

Glad I could help :)
And the shots indeed look zoomed in mag pics and not really good. Hopefully Bethesda releases better shots soon.

Keowrath4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

i wondered where you were MK_Red! =)

*EDIT Bah! I didn't see you MK_Red hunters below me*

Although these screens aren't the best quality around, I still think the game looks incredibly cool. I had a few reservations with the Oblivion style view but I think it's gonna be amazing. Very fond memories of the first 2 (especially the 2nd) It's nice to see (which I'm sure you're MORE than happy with!) that the gore looks intact. I wonder if people will still colapse in an explosion of bloody bits if you empty a full clip of ammo on them.

I think I remember a huge boat in the middle of a waste land when the first scans were released (wasn't this in a previous game?) does anyone have a link to that picture?

MK_Red4571d ago

Thanks and OMG, Fallout 2 is also the one I had the most fun with. It's indeed sweet to have gore back. As for collapsing, mutants will have it but Bethesda hasn't made up it's mind about amount of violence and gore when killing normal non-mutant people. I also would love to see different death animations/ methods for different weapons. With laser refiles cutting people and creatures in different manners to hunting refile taking a chunk of their bodies out. Plus, a lot of gore effects were not shown in Fallout 2 and instead, they were described in text in lower left corner of screen. I wonder if some of them will happen here.

I also love the style even though I'm a bit worried.

As for the boat / ship image, here it is, along with some better / non-scan screens.

TheIneffableBob4571d ago

Looks like Fallout 3 will be more of a shooter than an RPG.


MK_Red4571d ago

We had masive action shots of Mass Effect. Was it a 3rd person shooter like GRAW? No, it was a crazy and awesome RPG with action parts as well.
Same goes for Fallout 3. Even though I'm kinda disappointed with simpler and more action oriented path Bethesda is taking, I have faith in them that they'll make a decent RPG out of it that could be the best RPG in years. It will never come close to classic Fallout 1 & 2 in neither RPG elements, dialogue, black humor and other stuff but still, in our time were classic PC-RPGs are all but instinct, Fallout 3 could be much more.

Zhuk4571d ago

This will be great on the Xbox 360

ParaDise_LosT4571d ago

Bethesda did say the 360 is the lead platform.
But.....FallOut was born on PC and Should stay the strongest on PC

mighty_douche4571d ago

dude even if a console is the "lead platform" (although all games are built or started on PC) it will still ALWAYS look better on PC, 16X AA, 1920X1080 need i go on?

MK_Red4571d ago

ParaDise_LosT and mighty_douche are right. Fallout was BORN on PC.

And even though 360 is lead, we must not forget that this is Bethesda we're talking about who made the perfect port of Oblivion for both PS3 and PC. Sure, the PC version of Oblivion had UI problems but they've promised to use a more PC friendly and different UI in Fallout 3 for PC (Something like Morrowind).

Bolts4570d ago

No mods= Crap box. This is game is screaming for the PC. There is no way I'm buying this for the console.

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tony4571d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

this pics doesn't looks as good as i was expecting. maybe this are early developement pics. who knows.
i would like to know what mk (biggest fallout fan)thinks about this pics.

mk: your reply makes sense. scans never show the true quality of a game.

MK_Red4571d ago

As ThaGeNeCySt said up there, these are low quality zoomed in scans from the magazine. I'm more than happy to see them but all of these pics are from November 2007 or older while the game won't be out until Q4 2008.

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