An open letter: Michael Beattie to Mordin Solus fans writes:

We recently reached out to the original voice actor behind Mordin Solus about being recast in Mass Effect 3.

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Snookies122414d ago

Mordin noooooo! He was amazing in ME2, I would have assumed he would be recast to do the voice, how weird will that be?? Man... That made my excitement level drop a little for the game. Oh well, I'll still play it, but that sucks to hear.

DaveMan2413d ago

The new voice actor sounds practically the same.

Snookies122413d ago

Well, it's nice to hear that he sounds similar at the very least. XD

vickers5002412d ago

I've been playing Mass Effect 3 listening to Mordin for a while, and until this article, I had absolutely no idea that the original voice actor wasn't in the game, and Mordin is my 2nd favorite character next to Garrus too, so I remember pretty well what his voice sounds like.

Megaton2412d ago

He really does sound the same. They did a very good job recasting.

Coolmanrico2413d ago

Is it bad that I couldn't tell the difference. If I never read this article I would have never guessed. Anyway let me stop typing before I spoil how awesome Mordin's role is in ME3.

Skate-AK2413d ago

Wow I had no idea this guy was so active in the voice acting world.