Xbox Live Problems Again

Well it looks as if Xbox Live has gone crazy again with users experiencing problems.
Xbox Live Status: Up and running

Users may experience intermittent issues with tournaments, posting statistics, matchmaking, and sending messages. We are aware of the issue and are actively working towards a resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Forbidden_Darkness4039d ago

is there xbox live just like their crappy console?...

power of Green 4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Dumb ass fanboys shouldn't worry about a service they do not have why are you in here?.

Come back and talk sh*t when other game console services are half as complex as XBL is and has the fanbase size of XBL(or has as much to offer).

What does a console have to do with service based issues?. Why are Sony fanboys so stupid, do they do it on purpose?.

athlon7704039d ago

you are one to talk when you yourself go into PS3 sections and wise crack about how solid the XBL is compaired to Sony and go on for days about the quality of service you pay $50.00 a year for, what is the matter, you can dish it out but can't take it?

Poor guy, you must be very high strung. Why don't you put down that Mountain Dew Red and have a nice glass of Sprite or 7up?

Droynas4039d ago

But but but.. You are PAYING for it. Live should be better then that free crappy PSN right? They get money so they can fix a perfect Live right?
but but PSN doesn't lag... dammit!!
PSN support many players on Warhawk... dammit!!
Must. Find. Something. To. Whine. On...
Well.. At least you pay for Live so it's better in some way.. Right?

ambientFLIER4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

"But but but.. You are PAYING for it. Live should be better then that free crappy PSN right? They get money so they can fix a perfect Live right?
but but PSN doesn't lag... dammit!!
PSN support many players on Warhawk... dammit!!
Must. Find. Something. To. Whine. On...
Well.. At least you pay for Live so it's better in some way.. Right?"

You are absolutely right. Live IS better than Psn. This is why so many people choose to pay for it rather than use a free service. Just because you are paying for something doesn't mean it will be perfect 100% of the time. 99.9% is good enough, save for a few hours here and there during the holiday week, when a few million new users jammed the servers.

That's great about warhawk supporting many players. XBL does too. Did you think that every game has a 16-player limit just like Halo?

PSN never lags, huh? Is that a scientific assessment?

Hatchetforce4039d ago

Sorry POG but the size of your fanbase is no excuse. If you can't provide the service you advertise and for which people pay then you need to cut back features or make it free.

Defective products have everything to do with the matter when you do not know if it is Xbox Live or your console creating issues. It took me a few minutes to figure out that my 4th 360, a Halo edition, has begun to freeze up on me.

Sayai jin4039d ago

Hmmm, what does this have to do with the PSN? They should not be compared right now. I did not have problems this time around and the last time this was reported. None of my XBL buds had issues, well one did last time, but it is becuase he had pirated games and a modded system, so they banned his XBL account.

People are always comparing how great XBL is compared to the PSN or how the PSN is free and you have to pay for XBL. IMO, XBL is like $4.50 a month, whch is the price of a value meal at McDonalds or almost a gallon of gas, mere chump change for most. PSN is free and will be for quite a while, I do think they will charge for features when HOME arrives (furniture, clothes, etc). XBL live has been around for over 5 years and has had the time tweak the network. PSN is new. Honestly I do not use PSN that much; at first I did with WarHawk, but I do not play it much that more, plus I started getting lag. So yes, there is lag on the PSN. I have a T1 connection, so it is not on my end. I would also pay for PSN was it makes some improvements, which will happen in 2008. I have all three current systems and I have to say that XBL adds tht extra element of excitement. I was playing Cyberball and listening to some Music and chatting to an old XBL bud and downloading the Fuels for War demo all at once and all on the 360 and XBL, then I got a game invite from another XBL bud to play a game of Gears of War with just one clcik of a button I was playing that match in under 20 seconds. My download stopped, but I was still chatting to the person. For these grear experiences I do not mind some small bumps in the roads occasionally.

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Joystick Radio4039d ago

Not being a fanboy but what is so bad about the console?

power of Green 4039d ago

Nah its probably just 3 or 4(connected to XBL) million people joining all at once or in a few days.

I guess on the PS3 not enough people buy games(or consoles) to over come any one devs severs. lol

gamesR4fun4039d ago

nah its just Sony servers arnt run by M$

POG its kinda funny watching you bots defend your pay for crap service by trying to bash Sony's superior free service.

vgn244039d ago

And you embarrass the rest of us by calling people bots when you attack 360 owners. You're no better. Your actions show that you're defending your purchase by attacking those who purchase something else. Your attempt at looking smooth = fail. Both systems have pros and cons. Stop acting like either one is perfect.

gamesR4fun4039d ago

meh a bot's a bot and a sony droid is a droid

nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade imo

ElementX4039d ago

Great comment. Bubbles to you. I hate it when people defend their purchase by talking sh!t about the competition. Gamers are the only ones who do this. Look at manufacturers, they never say "our competition sucks balls" or athletes saying "yeah, our competition sucked last night, ya know, they just suck and did I mention they really suck?"

crck4039d ago

Oh wait, never mind. BTW It don't matter if its 200 million people trying to get on at the same time. MS collects $50 from each one of them so the frickin' service better work.

OOG FunK4039d ago

kudos man good to see some people on this site still have half a brain......everyday I start to hate this site more and more...and I know im not the only one....sooner or later the people who are trying to help make this site big...are gonna be its biggest downfall

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Mighty Boom4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Phuck you M$!

No more excuses. Fix it.

Joystick Radio4039d ago

I love the xbox and all but this is getting retarded. I cant even join a nice game of call of duty 4

Gamingnerd1014039d ago

I would have to agree with you there im trying to join games and No Luck. Hope they fix this soon.

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