Diehard GameFAN: SSX Review (Xbox 360)

DHGF: SSX was an interesting franchise back on the old Playstation 2 and Gamecube. I never bothered with the first and honestly, I would not have tried Tricky except for the fact I received it as a gift one Christmas. In those long days between the Fall and Winter semester that Christmas break so nicely separated, I had nothing to do but plunge headlong into the world of snowboards, absurdly high jumps and crazy tricks. It didn’t take long to make me a fan either. Tricky had style and it had a finesse to it. It also didn’t take itself as seriously as the other snowboarding games did. The follow up to Tricky was SSX 3, which took place all on a single glorious mountain. It was possible to start at the very tip of the mountain and work your way down through every other track in the game. Accomplishing this felt awesome. After 3, SSX and I parted ways for a bit. Gameplay tastes changed, some games were released on systems I didn’t have, and basically the genre sort of petered out. Now it’s back, and more realistic than ever!

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