Cliff Bleszinski Was Picked On For Being A Badass Zelda Fan As A Kid

Cliffy B, who doesn't like being called Cliffy B anymore, says he was teased at school, chased off buses and called Nintendo Boy, but he states that it doesn't matter because he is "F*cking awesome now," and that "They can just go on with their lame lives." Truly inspirational words from a total badass.

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PhantomTommy2414d ago

For a minute there, I thought Cliff was being attacked by a headcrab.

NukaCola2412d ago

Hahahaha! I thought it was some slug monster coming out of a bird statues mouth...until I saw it was the Lancer and Link's hat and hair.

JellyJelly2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Compared to other devs he is. He'd probably drop Jaffe like a sack of potatoes.

mike1up2413d ago

He's f*cking awesome now... and I am forced to go on with my lame life. I should have never called him Nintendo Boy.

Titanz2413d ago

People need to stop being jerks, and learn not to pick on someone because they're different.

Emilio_Estevez2413d ago

I give the least amount of f**k possible. Why is this news?

_Aarix_2412d ago

Was it really so far to continue scrolling past this link. No. You intentionally came on here to say that. So its your own fault. Dont be a whiny asshole and just scroll past next time.

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