Disc-less Next Xbox - Your Questions Answered

MCV: The news this morning that the Next Xbox will not feature a disc drive has lead to a whirlwind of debate and disagreement on Twitter.

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StrongMan2415d ago

No disc drive
Can't play used games
Heavy Kinect focus
No Blu-Ray drive

The Xbox 720 will be doomed if any one of these rumors are true. If they are all true then it's dead on arrival. Halo 7, Forza 8, and Fable 6 won't save it, sales are already declining rapidly for those franchises.

gaffyh2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I don't think it will be doomed, and this is why. Nowhere does it say in any of the MCV articles, who posted the original rumour, that there won't be any physical media. It CLEARLY states that there will be a "interchangeable solid-state card storage".

This means that:

1) Microsoft can sell a SKU of a console without a HDD, because it won't be needed for caching like it is on the current consoles (they backed themselves into a corner without offering HDD on all models this gen).

2) The console will essentially be like a Vita, where it can handle both download-able and card games, with storage on the card.

3) There is technically no limitation on the size of a game, because you can simply make the card bigger or smaller depending on your game e.g. SD cards have been developed up to 128GB. Not possible on discs due to limitations of the initial drive model.

4) The console size, and power usage, and possibly heat will be reduced, due to the lesser amount of moving parts and the size of the cards used.

There are some downsides to this though. Game cards will cost more than printing a disc, which will cut into profits. But if this is the way it goes, I don't see how it will kill used game market. IMO, companies HAVE to offer a physical option, which was proven by Sony's market test with the PSPgo. Now the Vita offers the best of both worlds.

Microsoft are not that stupid!

Whore_Mouth2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I'm copy pasta from a similar story I commented on.

"If it is true, two things will be expected to happen.

1) Sony, Nintendo, and any speculated console (sans Valve's rumored "Steam Box") would dominate the market by continuing to offer the hard copies of games. I predict that these companies would be given the edge in a market that may not be ready for such a shift in how we obtain our products.

2) Microsoft could be expecting to see the price in game manufacturing increase, as is the norm in console iterations. MS could be deciding that by offering a digital copy over a hard copy that they can keep the price down in their favor. Given that by the continuing pattern of inflation, we would be looking at games starting at $75-$85 per disc. This would bring their sales down substantially.

This is also not taking into account that discs cannot hold that much data, by today's standards."

gypsygib2415d ago

That would mean no sales in Canada, we have tiny bandwith caps so dl'ing next-gen 20+ gig games would get too expensive.

OmegaSaiyanX2414d ago

Looking at the rumour of using a very old gpu, no disc driver and cannot play used games is overall just plain nonsense seems like someone is just trying to force Microsoft to say something.

If the above was all stated for the next Playstation there would be an outrage of people going bezerk and Sony would for sure say something at this stage I believe nothing until Microsoft themselves say something about a next gen console.

Reaper99372414d ago

The day I can't hold a physical copy of my new game purchase firmly in hand and smell its plastic goodness, is the day I stop gaming, period.