Street Fighter X Tekken Hits Retail

Capcom Europe has today launched the critically acclaimed Street Fighter X Tekken throughout PAL territories. Street Fighter X Tekken is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and will also be made available for Games for Windows PC and PlayStation Vita in coming months.

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Mr-Zex2509d ago

Honest to god, this doesn't feel like Street Fighter, the movement's aren't as accurate, and online there are constant sound cut outs along with that the lip-syncing for the English version of the Characters is completely screwed and.. It's lost it's general feel :/

Yi-Long2508d ago

... wait for november/december for a complete release to hit the stores for half the price, with all the bugs fixed and all the content included.

It's Capcom. Don't buy day 1!

NotSoSilentBob2508d ago

As you said the game is half complete wait till the end of 2012 and get the Ultra mega arcade edition that has everything.

killcycle2508d ago

I'm guessing your comparing it to SF4 then?

Because the whole "movements ain't as accurate" thing is untrue the gameplay is just set like SF2 so for me that was much better then having it like SF4 and about the sounds cuts it's just a matter of time before it's patched.

Listen all, i know Capcom milk all their fans dry and lie but seriously Street Fighter X Tekken is one of the best 2D fighters i have ever played so do try it when you can whether you chose to wait or not.

Mr-Zex2507d ago

Oh no, I've played Street Fighter 2, this feels nothing like it, it's missing that core feeling that Street Fighter IV had, I liked that.

Skateboard2507d ago

Fans should come first not money, don't buy even if it's good. In my opinion there is barely any cool freestyle combos in the SF 4 engine it's very 1 2 123 12 12 123 12 you know what I mean? LOL.