Is 2012 the year Nintendo sort out their online game?

Unified user accounts. Game-expanding DLC. Ambitious digital sales. Nintendo finally seem to be embracing the online elements of modern gaming. This Nintendo Gamer editorial investigates.

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tantobanto2416d ago

dlc is one thing I hope they wouldnt cave too

I like complete games

mike1up2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I like complete games too.

Imo Nintendo needs DLC more than anybody. I'm tired of waiting 5 years+ for the next Zelda, Smash Bros., and Metroid games.

Imagine if Nintendo offered DLC for our old games while we waited for the new ones.

tantobanto2416d ago

I am no more tired than I have been for the last 25 years.

It makes it a special event when you wait 5 years.

DLC is used a a cruch now and it isnt used to wait for new games

Boody-Bandit2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

DLC isn't used as a crutch, ship it now patch it later is the crutch some developers rely on. DLC is used as a money maker and devs and publishers are making it hand over fist. I personally don't care for DLC. As a matter of fact, in some cases, I think it flat out sucks the life out of games for me personally. But now it's too late because it's here to stay and I doubt Nintendo will be able to stay out of it or have any control over it. Especially with 3rd party support.

Do you think if Activision, EA, etc, will make their tried and true franchises for the WiiU that they will allow Nintendo to turn down the DLC when Sony and MS will gladly allow, and in some cases, encourage it?

On topic:
Nintendo going full blown online wont happen in one year. It took MS and Sony years and they are both still growing. Nintendo is behind with their online component and it's going to take a lot of hard work to play catch up to the others. Hopefully they wont hesitate putting some serious money and hard work into ASAP.

mike1up2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

-"DLC is used as a crutch now and it isn't used to wait for new games"

I take it that you have never played Pokemon? Pokemon has been offering free DLC for years now... between titles.

-"It makes it a special event when you wait 5 years"

Are you saying that releasing DLC for old games, makes new games less special?

It sounds more like putting a cheeseburger in the face of a starving man. The longer the burger remains untouched, the more he wants it. That's not special, it's cruel.

-"I am no more tired than I have been for the last 25 years"

A lot has changed in 25 years. You talk as if the Wii and NES had the same software content.

Ghost2502416d ago

you do realize that not every developer releases free DLC for their games. if that was the case nobody would have a problem with DLC to begin with.

PopRocks3592416d ago

Well, who can say for sure? But the signs point to yes.

--Onilink--2416d ago

so far what Nintendo has with the 3DS certainly seems to point in the right direction

izumo_lee2416d ago

does any one know if the rumor of them outsourcing their online true? i remember reading about nintendo partnering with EA about their online.

either way i hope they do not succumb to this gens bad habit of abusing the dlc format. having content that adds significant / enjoyment to a product is what i prefer than having maps,color palettes,useless items etc. nintendo being nintendo when dealing with this issue is for once a good thing.

hopefully whatever they do i hope they set a new trend which is better than the one we have now.

Ness-Psi2416d ago

I think iwata said something along the lines of DLC being abused and would only use it if it was really needed or something to that tune. but i think he thinks DLC has been wasted so far by most companies.

TheDivine2416d ago

Theyre getting there mk7 and re revelations on 3ds are perfect online games. The only thing missing in my eyes is a trophy system and a gamertag. Friend codes are shit although new games dont make you use them you just jump in a friends game. Hopefully for their games dlc isnt used unless its asked for like in mk7 id buy dlc to add double decker fort from the n64 mk into battle mode. Maybe new worlds in mario 3d land, a few things here and there but most nintendo games are full and finished at launch. Look at mk7 it has 16 new tracks, 16 old tracks, and 7 battle mode levels. Thats a complete game of 39 different levels. Now compare that to wipeout 2048 which has 10 tracks only. Yes you do different types of races on each but theyre still the same damn track, it was made with dlc in mind.

Dlc on the 3ds is more for 3rd parties who use it as a common practice. I kind of like the 3ds without it because a game like revelations had everything in it which most the costumes, guns, and prob the bonus level in raid and harder difficulties would of been dlc. They were foreced to do a non milked resident evil and it was delicious!!!

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