Making a Halo as good as Bungie is 'nowhere near good enough' for 343

Halo 4 must be bigger and better than the Halo games which have come before it, and the pressures on delivering such a title are massive, says Halo Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor.

"If you're, say, the PS3 team working on Call of Duty, you're not under the same level of scrutiny even though they have some of the same challenges," O'Connor told at a recent Microsoft showcase. "We're a platform standard bearer, and we're always trying to push our art and our craft but we're also trying to support and push the platform, too. So it puts different levels of expectation on you, different pressures."

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SignifiedSix2414d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll do better than what bungie has done. IMO anyways.
bring on the holidays! :)

LAWSON722414d ago

As long as this game feels like 3 I will be playing it for years