Tim Wright Remixes 15 Years Of Wipeout Tracks

Those familiar with the WipEout franchise on Sony PlayStation will generally agree that the music forms a large part of the overall experience. Back in 1995, the original WipEout game was one of the first to champion the inclusion of licensed commercial music, with tracks from Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers, and Orbital. Bolstering this line up, we saw the debut of ‘CoLD SToRAGE’ who provided eight of the eleven music tracks. Under this nom-de-plume, in-house Psygnosis (Sony Liverpool) musician Tim Wright went on to provide music for several other games including ‘Crazy Ivan’, ‘Tellurian Defence’ and ‘WipEout 2097’. Wright departed Sony in 1997, but his strong association with the franchise saw him brought back on board in 2005 to pen music for the PSP’s ‘WipEout Pure’.

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