More details regarding the cut content in Yakuza: Dead Souls for North America

Sega has revealed a few more details regarding the cut content in the North American version of the Playstation 3 exclusive title, Yakuza: Dead Souls.

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Hellsvacancy2413d ago

Dead Souls? i didnt see the Yakuza bit at first, damn, i thought it was Demons/Dark Souls 3, would be a cool name, not gonna happen now

banjadude2412d ago

But why cut out the opening and ending songs!? It's not like it will mess up with the gameplay. *pouts*

Hicken2412d ago

Licensing/copyright issues. It's why the tales of the Abyss anime has lyrics, yet the game on 3DS- a few years after the anime- still has none. A lot of anime either wind up having different soundtracks, or not being released in the states at all due to such things.

banjadude2412d ago

That... sucks :(

Thanks for the reply.