PS Vita – Earning Trophies with Used Games again

HCG's Ferdie shows you the three simple steps to earning Trophies with used PS Vita games again.

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Tired2418d ago

Hardly a measure to stop used game fact on screen it states: 'To earn trophies, you must delete all data related to this application and then start the application.'

They give you instructions!

Vitalogy2417d ago

My bet is it won't be long until they put the online passport in Vita games too.

Game4life2417d ago

they already have online passes in them.It just depends who its published by

Studio-YaMi2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

I thought this will solve it so I can play it again on another Vita without the need to delete my data...

Sony why did you do that stupid one account one Vita(or memory I don't know) thing ?

Stupid -_-
I want to use my Japanese account too .____. *SIGH*....

CyrusNightshade2417d ago

It has nothing to do with Stopping Used sales.

Its to stop sharing of save files to earn trophies. PS3 does the same thing.