Exclusive: No disc drive for Next Xbox

MCV has learnt that Microsoft has been telling partners that the Next Xbox will NOT include a disc drive.

The briefings have been issued under what MCV’s source describes as “the strictest NDA” they have ever encountered.

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X_GAMER_X2417d ago

Can not wait for E3 to see what the future holds for us.

I am ready for NEXT GEN. Bring me som high tech , Something new.

GuyManDude2417d ago

Meh, I'm good til late 2014. The longer they wait, the more they can cram in there (affordably). I'm hoping for SSDs myself, but I don't think they'll be cheap enough to implement.

Won't stop me from putting one in myself though!

TextualBeef2417d ago

LOL LATE 2014.. I'm really glad the companies won't listen to you

JhawkFootball062417d ago

I call bs. No way Microsoft would ever comment about that.

StanSmith2417d ago

The way i see this news is, No Disc drive, No competitive pricing between retailers on games, less price drops which equals no purchase.

Goodbye Microsoft! Don't let the Door hit you on the way out.

Thank God for Sony & Nintendo. At least they have the brains to not do this on their next consoles.

DiRtY2417d ago


have you even heard about the PSP Go?

Yi-Long2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

... it also means the new Xbox won't be backwards compatible, which sounds horrible to me.

I think I'll just cross over to Steam/ValveBox/PC-gaming. That way, when you buy a game, you can be fairly certain it will still work on a newer system 10 years from now.

Persistantthug2417d ago

PSPGO was an experiment that failed. Many stores refused to sell it.

Sony has abandoned digital distribution ONLY video game systems, and the VITA has physical media.

I highly doubt Microsoft will do such a thing.

CarlitoBrigante2417d ago

No Disc drive is EPIC FAIL!

What about backwards compatibility with 360 games? What about watching dvds and blurays??

FAIL! EPIC FAIL! Remember the 90s? Remember how PlayStation saved the cartridge infested industry with the cd??

snipes1012417d ago

Hopefully this doesn't mean digital distribution. MS should be smart enough to avoid that route given what happened with the PSP Go.

As for a proprietary format or anything like that, please, just stick to disks MS, my purchase of your system is at stake. Plus proprietary formats are a shaky proposition (here's to looking at UMD's).

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xflo3602417d ago

I think there will be two versions, one with and one without a disk drive.

dazzrazz2417d ago

This shit better be not true, otherwise I see games for $80 a pop

deep_fried_bum_cake2417d ago

If this is true then I won't be buying the next gen xbox, but it sounds like it isn't

AllroundGamer2417d ago

soooo like direct connect to torrent games? that's great news :DD

Malice-Flare2417d ago

this is big one if confirmed. MS doubling down on the downloadable future...

wonder how game retailers will react to this? i wonder if MS really doesn't want Blu-ray, couldn't they revive HD-DVD instead as their disc technology? anyway, i hope it's false...

dazzrazz2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

No because every hardware maker dumped hddvd long time ago (including movie studios) its not like MS has its own factory

Persistantthug2417d ago

Microsoft is still butthurt angry because Sony destoyed HDDVD with BLURAY.
Microsoft had a Windows programming language built into HDDVD....but Sony refused Microsoft's request/demands and instead used JAVA for BLURAY.

Butthurt or not, I don't believe they have much choice, because without software for retail to sell, Retail will refuse to sell said video gaming console.

jetlian2417d ago

they could use it if they want too. It still uses a blu ray drive. Only thing is next gen will need more space than now so they would have to use the triple layered 51 gb disk

jay22417d ago

This couold be very bad for people on low broadband speeds.

Yi-Long2417d ago

... who have lots of 360 games, and who wants to be able to play them on the next Xbox.

My 360 isn't going to last forever.

Mike_Tha_Hero2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Just keep your Xbox 360 and play them on there. Crazy idea right?

And don't play the "it won't last" card. You don't know that for sure.

Yi-Long2417d ago

... that a disc-based console has a limited lifetime. Sadly.

Perhaps they'll bring out an external disc-drive to plug into your new Xbox, which provides 100% backwards compatibility. O

Obviously, they would sell it for a 100 bucks orso(!)

iamnsuperman2417d ago

Which is why its a load of rubbish. No way is Microsoft going to neglect a large amount of people who have low broadband speeds.

Drekken2417d ago

This is bad all around. If this is true the new xbox is dead before release.

Crystallis2417d ago

Agreed Drek, but I really dont think MS will do this. This is Death Sure, and I think MS knows that.

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