Are video games really bad for your health?

MEG: "We take a look at how our brains and developers are manipulating the way we play games."

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Kurt Russell2509d ago

I am sure sitting around playing them nonstop with little to no excercise is bad for you, but the actual games themselves... no, no they're not.

SnakeCQC2509d ago

As someone, who was diagnosed with severe dyspraxia at 14 and am now 24 and a hardcore gamer. It has definitely made a world of difference yes there are times where i play a game that I'm excited about for crazy amount of time when its released but to my hand eye coordination it has been improved greatly and I believe this is greatly thanks to video games

2509d ago
Ocean2509d ago

Bubble + for making me laugh

Whitefox7892509d ago

Isn't just about everything now in days bad for you? Except maybe air and water?

_Aarix_2509d ago

Have you seen the pollution and stuff..i dont know i guess everything is bad for you,

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