PS3 has "much more" power to use still, says Cage

PS3 is already in its sixth year and there's still no concrete word on a PS4. Developers have made some beautiful games with the hardware, but even this far into the lifecycle of the machine there's still plenty of horsepower to draw upon, judging by the beautiful Kara video that Quantic Dream showed us this week at GDC. Quantic Dream's David Cage told GamesIndustry International that Sony's hardware has "much more" to offer.

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Abash2417d ago

Thats a reason I cant get hyped for next gen, the PS3 still feels like it has a few more years left in it

360GamerFG2417d ago

Until you pop in something that requires RAM like Skyrim and you realise next gen come come fast enough.

TimeSkipLuffy2417d ago

Unfortunately that is true and I have to admit it. But still we get a lot of games to enjoy exclusively on PS3 which is really great. If the PS4 would be backwards compatible and it would run the previous games better because of the RAM, it could just be a killer console! ^^

rdgneoz32417d ago

With the bugs it had causing performance issues before any patches, you did need a lot of RAM...

Hicken2417d ago

Skyrim's issue is on the developer side, not the hardware side. They released a buggy game; the PS3 doesn't make the bugs.

I'd like to say "nice try" about your trolling attempt... but you suck at it.

TheUnbiasedLion2417d ago

No idea why you are being disagreed for that comment because its true RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM!

THC CELL2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

@FinancialGamer ya mean till developers stop been lazy u mean

Naughty dog and co has proved the ps3 power every 2 years or so and QD are just telling us how it is

go bum 3rd party developers..
they cant do a game right on ps3 as they are restricted to 3rd party software and xbox

btw read up on ps v sdk looks like they can make games but not at uncharted level as they have to be full ps developers to achieve tha..

what next halo 4 looks better than any ps3 exclusive or will the new defense none gaming force come in ipad 3 pff

Bordel_19002417d ago


I agree.

I think the lack of RAM on the PS3 is holding it back a lot.

A PS3 with 1GB RAM would really show what the PS3 is capable of.

dark-hollow2417d ago

@the cell.

Skyrim and uncharted are way different ate how they use sources.
You can't compare any games graphics as apples to apples.

For one thing, skyrim is an open world game with lots of interactive NPCs, enemies, etc.

No game comes close to the scale of skyrim.
The ps3 IS hard to develop for.
Not weak, only hard to develop.
That's why Sony are changing their ways and you can see this from how easy it is to develop for the vita.

Sony first party developers are directly supported by Sony and only works on one version but third party developers have to worry about two, three platforms.

Bordel_19002417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Also when you've split memory between 256MB XDR and 256MB GDDR RAM it complicates things even more.

This is not so good. Optimal would be 256MB XDR RAM and 512MB GDDR. The PS3 would be on a different level.

inveni02417d ago

Let's not forget that Cage was talking about more horsepower from his last game. Heavy Rain looked great, but it was very static. No physics, no AI. I'm not surprised that they can get more out of the system, and I'm looking forward to it.

This "PS3 would be better with more RAM" talk is ridiculous. Let it die, already. If third party devs can't put enough resources into developing for PS3 so that they compete with first party devs, then that sucks. But it's not a RAM problem. Sure, RAM might make straight ports easier, but that's not what makes the PS3 what it is. The CELL processor is what makes the PS3 both difficult and amazing.

That's what makes the future of the Playstatiin brand so interesting. Will Sony go for something easy, or will they continue on a path that elevates their first party games above the competition? I don't know about you, but I can't wait to find out. Sony and their first party teams have worked hard for my loyalty this gen, and I'll be letting them lead the way to the PS4 with an open mind and a little trust,

Pushagree2416d ago

PS3 was maxed out with uncharted 2.

ChrisW2416d ago


Even when comparing apples to oranges, there are similarities. Both are fruit, both come from trees, and both have vitamin C.

inveni02416d ago

Pfff.... You obviously haven't played Uncharted 3. It does things that make Uncharted 2 seem last gen (though the wow factor for Uncharted 2 was bigger at the time).

_LarZen_2416d ago

Dont mix sloppy coding and the lack of hardware.

The_Nameless_One2416d ago

Some truth in it, but in Skyrim's case it's also an Engine issue and not just up to the hardware. It's all in how your engine uses the resources allotted to it. In Skyrim's case, the engine wasn't created specifically for the PS3 and it has to work on multiple platform. If you notice the best looking games on consoles this generation are mostly exclusives. Make a top 5 list of the best looking console games and just see how many games the PS3 has and see that they are all exclusives.

Army_of_Darkness2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Skyrim vs. Infamous 2( console version) Easily infamous 2 destroys it visually in every way and performance wise...

FPS on consoles, Killzone 3 still stays dominant. Rage, BF3 and crysis 2 looks good and all, but graphically and performance wise, KZ3 is better still in my opinion.

3rd person shooter, obviously uncharted 3.

action hack n slash, God of war 3. That game still looks amazing even compared to anything currently out now( and it's only $15 brand new!).

so yes, I agree... PS3 still has more juice in it;)

memots2416d ago

Ram ROD !!

SAY IT .. Say it !!

I wrote it down,

gamingdroid2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Enough empty talk about how the issue isn't RAM, but not enough optimization and devs are lazy talk.

If it is like every one is saying then tell me how you solve the problem that Rage has with lots of texture pop-ins on the PS3 version compared to the Xbox 360 version.

How do you optimize to reach parity with other platforms on texture pop-in if you don't have enough VRAM?

If you can answer that within reason, I'm pretty sure you can get an instant job as a game developer/programmer!

Fact is, optimization isn't ALWAYS the answer. Hardware DO HAVE A LIMIT and so does practical use of human resources!

DeadlyFire2416d ago

Its not the RAM's fault really. I blame developer. RAM is still 512 just like Xbox 360. Its just split and most developers that slap a title on PS3 ignore that and push it all to lean on one 256 MB side or the other to much so. Thinking that because its clocked to run same speed as CPU that the main RAM can handle most of it.

lover20122416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

then take your time telling me why those
"open world games" looks the best on ps3
la noire /saints raw 3/AC/both batman/both infamous/prototype
you can look at the H2H all you want

skyrim problems was to engine issues
not ps3 fault
i can't believe that there is fanboys still stuck in 2007
well, financialgamer
you and the people who agree with you just prove that those fanboys still stuck in that era

it seems that you have never seen or played uncharted 3/killzone 3/god of war 3
or never seen the last guardian
or the last of us or cage teach demo on PS3

lover20122416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )


"If it is like every one is saying then tell me how you solve the problem that Rage has with lots of texture pop-ins on the PS3 version compared to the Xbox 360 version"

talking about RAGE ???
it's not even close to bf3 on consoles let alone a game like uncharted 2 or 3
the game was mess on pc too
i think it was a mess on pc because the RAM too right .. RIGHT ?? WRONG
they built the game on xbox then port it poorly to pc/ps3
there is a reason why it didn't won a single award in "consoles" gfx
while uncharted 3 cleaned all the consoles gfx awards

uncharted 3
look at how many gfx award uncharted 3 won and compare those gfx awards to any game on consoles in any year

humbleopinion2415d ago

Developers managed to get it running fine on both PC and Xbox 360, so it's defo not developers fault.

This is getting pathetic. What's next? Wii owners claiming that Modern Warfare runs at 480p30 because of lazy development?

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kaveti66162417d ago

The day has come and gone when developers are only limited by their imaginations.

Sony can choose to force developers to work with the PS3 for as long as they want. That's the only thing that gives PS3 its life.

RAM is dirt cheap. And yet I still read fools on this site saying the stupidest crap: "4 gigabytes would be overkill. Next gen doesn't need more than 2 gigs." Please, let them overkill it, so we don't have to deal with these bullshit bottlenecks again.

The only reason you should have for not wanting next gen consoles is if you know you won't be able to afford them.

DigitalAnalog2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

True. But console designers want it to be the most cost effective possible. Seeing as this gen can reach the 50+ million range. Even adding $1 to their production cost would be costly. Sure, for the average PC user, they could spend 20 extra to get higher ram, but try to produce millions upon millions would hurt the manufacturing costs in the long run. Nevermind the fact that they may be unable to utilize the updated RAM chipsets in the console's lifecycle due to compatibility issues.

xxLuckyStrike2416d ago

Of course it does!!! It's super computer zent from zee future : /

EVILDEAD3602416d ago

'RAM is dirt cheap'

It cost Micrsoft an extra BILLION to put the RAM that Epic convinced them to ultimately go with.

Didn't know a billion dollars was 'dirt cheap'


Arnon2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

RAM costs are relevant to the socket. DDR2 is dirt cheap compared to DDR3, and a higher end card such as the GTX 500 (560+) series with 1 GB of GDDR5 can cost $250 minimum, which isn't "Dirt cheap". Also, RAM for a laptop may cost more than a desktop due to it being a proprietary product.

Also, one needs to factor in that the RAM in a console is going to be specifically designed to work with the console to work around imminent bottlenecks. Consoles are technically dumbed down gaming PC's, but they still are designed in a way that makes them proprietary.

At most for next gen consoles, I would reasonably guess 2 GB DDR3, with a GPU that's hopefully running 512 MB GDDR5.

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AllroundGamer2417d ago

i think only the cell processor can be still pushed more to it's limit, but as stated by other people here, ram is definitely an issue already, and also the gpu.

ATi_Elite2417d ago

your correct!

The Cell is fine!

the issue is low Ram and the Weak Sauce Nvidia GPU!

Persistantthug2417d ago

Same will be true next year as well.

Anon19742416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I agree. It's hard to argue the results when we continually see better and better games coming out. Back in 2006, I played Gears and was blown away. I thought "This is where next gen starts. From here on in, I expect we'll see more and more games of this caliber." And I waited but until Gears 2, nothing was able to top it.

The progression of visuals on the PS3 has been steady since it's release which is one of the reasons why it eventually replaced my 360 as the most played console in my house. That and hardware issues. I'd say MS dropped the ball on this one, but clearly they picked it up again and hit it out of the park with how successful the 360 has been since Kinect's launch. That just doesn't help me at all as I'm not a fan of motion gaming.

ATi_Elite2417d ago


Then make a AAA game that runs at 1080p!

The PS3/360 are MAXED out and have been for a long time! All this "Much more power left" talk is crap when in reality Devs are just figuring out how to TWEAK their game engines to run more efficiently within the confines of the systems.

So what the Devs should say is "We are getting better at optimizing our Game Engines".

DigitalAnalog2416d ago

The real question is, whether that power would be utilized for resolution or graphics? If the market would demand for 1080p/60fps on the PS3 then we wouldn't get the likes of GOWIII, Killzone 3 or Uncharted 3.

Personally, if the option DOES exist, I wouldn't mind a reduction in graphical quality in favor of 1080p/60fps at the same time I want the highest graphical fidelity on 720p/30fps

Arnon2416d ago

That doesn't help your case, though. Stating that the developers would have to either focus on resolution, or pixel count only stems from the fact that the console is reaching a bottleneck.

When Cage states "much more power", this would signify that there is some ancient power that hasn't been unlocked yet. ATI_Elite is correct in stating that they're only working to optimize their engines within the confines of the systems hardware capabilities.

StraightPath2416d ago

mutliplaform games suffer
limited ram games suffer and also the features on the console its self

yeah sure next gen is needed both of xbox and ps3.

bebojet2416d ago

I think Sony should come up with a redesigned PS3. Kind of like what Nintendo did with the Wii or Apple's Iphone 4 - 4S. Just add more RAM and a faster blue ray player and that's it. This way the console won't be too expensive and PlayStation will rule next gen.

ChickeyCantor2416d ago

Perhaps it has some years left, but you won't see drastic changes.

No one with the right mind can say that PS3 will hold up well for another few years if the others are ramping up for a new console.

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cyborg2417d ago

I do think the PlayStation 3 still has some time left. I can't say the same for the Xbox 360 though, that's showing its age like an old lady does.

torchic2417d ago

oh yea he called? what did he say? how long was the call?

Intentions2417d ago

Of course both X360 and Ps3 has power/time left because they both run on electricity. Without power they cannot be used at all.


OT: I don't really care if next gen comes out or not. I just know that I will be ready for it.

360GamerFG2417d ago ShowReplies(3)
_Aarix_2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Epic games said more can be pulled from the 360 even after gears of war 3 so I cant really see how its "showing its colors" whenever games like halo 4 are coming out. They both have the same amount of ram so theyre both showing their colors.

Septic2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )


PS3 fanboyism gets rewarded here with 27 agrees, 14disagrees. You sheep.

EDIT- HOLD ON- financial gamer gets marked for trolling for saying:

"SKYRIM called. . .yeah, I went there. PS3 has the RAM of a Nokia 3310 "

yet cyborg gets more agrees for saying:

"I can't say the same for the Xbox 360 though, that's showing its age like an old lady does."


undisputed2416d ago

In a sales article, a PS3 fan gets disagrees for saying that Sony is doing well, while a 360 fan cries doom and gloom and gets more agrees than disagrees.

Cry me a river.

undisputed2416d ago

The truth hurts, I know.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Yeah, I've been saying that.

PC fanboys like to think that it has already been maxed out though and are clamoring for next gen only for them to point how many X amount of years High-End PCs are ahead of the 720 and PS4.

Pandamobile2417d ago

It's hard to "max out" any hardware. If you given a static box for 6 years, you start to learn tricks and workarounds for all of its many shortcomings, especially for rendering.

The thing is, these workarounds and tricks take tons of development time to figure out, and that's time that could be better spent elsewhere as opposed to sitting for a month and trying to figure out how to cram this insane amount of game data into a 256 MB memory bank.

That's why we need next gen.

GamingTruth2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

shortcomings from a platform with a chip used in sony pictures studios, if ps3 has shortcomings then every platform including your precious pc has them also

and outside of the box, if your listening to pc fans thats good cause youll be all the more surprised when ps3 pushes out even more games that annihilate even uncharted 3

Pandamobile2417d ago

"shortcomings from a platform with a chip used in sony pictures studios"

First off, are you trying to make yourself sound as dimwitted as possible?

Obviously, no piece of computer hardware is perfect. Why do you think it's one of the fastest moving industries in the world?

kaveti66162417d ago

"more games that annihilate even uncharted 3"

Nothing is going to annihilate Uncharted 3 on PS3 from now on. Minor improvements that aren't noticeable don't impress anybody.

piroh2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

"That's why we need next gen"
sounds strange from a PC gamer

anyway, Kara is the best looking thing i ever saw in real time, so there it is

IGN - best graphics 2011 - Uncharted 3
VGA - Best graphics 2011 - Uncharted 3
keep it going PS3, that's called evolution. nothing else to say

lover20122416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

ps3 use 512MB not 256MB

"The PS3 has 256MB of XDR Main RAM @ 3.2GHz and 256MB of GDDR3 VRAM @ 700MHz, for a total of 512MB"
just how much misinformed are you ??

here is he long list of gfx awards for uncharted 3
I'm laughing at the fact you have disagrees when you stating facts

Pandamobile2415d ago

The PS3 has 256 MB of RAM. It also has 256 MB of VRAM.

That doesn't add up to 512 MB of RAM because the two are mutually exclusive.

piroh2415d ago

wow, i never knew U3 won also Best Visual Design in Edge, since Edge is very strict

thx for the link lover2012, very informative
so many awards for U3...

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GamingTruth2417d ago

thats some pretty funny stuff yes, but there is also some things you should consider, why would naughty dog be making a game called the last of us let alone uncharted 3, and why is guerilla games working on 3 new projects? my friend you can keep laughing and ps3 will keep pushing out better visuals

Hufandpuf2417d ago

I'm not interested in debating about the PS3, I'm just sick of hearing these false claims.

Godmars2902417d ago

Just like Halo 4 devs saying the 360 has nothing left?

If this gen has shown me anything, as messed up as it is, its that devs have different understanding of consoles.

No one devs claims should be taken as definitive.

Fishy Fingers2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

My favourite... God Of War 3 uses "less than 50% of the PS3"

Which makes you wonder, why we've only seen minor improvements since? Must be lazy devs right? Or maybe people believe a little to much of what the read.

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Drainage2417d ago

at the cost of what? content? frame rate? no thanks.