The Club PS3 Demo Impressions

Quicksave writes:

"Yesterday, our European brethren across the pond received a nice gift in the form of a surprise demo on the European PlayStation Network Store. The game? Sega published and Bizarre Creations developed third person shooter known as The Club. Quicksave downloaded the 1.7 GB monster of a demo and played around with it for an hour or so. Here are some of their impressions."

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Foliage4043d ago

It looks like it has potential.

mikeslemonade4043d ago

When I was downloading the demo I wasn't expecting much. I thought it was going to be like a timeshift or blacksite, but it turns out to be better. The 3rd person perspective makes the game fresh. This game is a rental though. This game has the potential to be a 9, but most likely a 7.5 or 8.

TheIneffableBob4043d ago

Bizarre Creations developed it.

Fighter4043d ago

Looks alright so I'll give the demo a try.

LinuxGuru4043d ago

This game looks as boring as homemade sh!t.

Hagaf224043d ago

i wouldnt say it looks like a blockbuster but it looks good, guess us americans just have to wait till next week to see how it plays.

GIJeff4043d ago

make a euro account. You can download all the demos. The club is about a 6.5 on my list. Although, the online isnt available in the demo, so that could change a lot.

Biphter4043d ago

you specifically choose UK as your location. It seems its not available in all of europe for some reason. Its not here in Denmark thats for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.