Duel to the Death: Resident Evil vs. Dead Space

With two Resident Evil games on the way and a Dead Space 3 announcement on the way, Dead Pixels pits the two horror juggernauts against each other in a fight to see which franchise is king.

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Edito2412d ago

This duel doesn't exist simple as that Dead Space is by miles better than Resident Evil...

TheMutator2412d ago

Dead Space eat Resident Evil alive!!!

cheetah2412d ago

No competition. DS1 is better than all the RE games combined, and I am a RE fan. That is unless you like cheesy Japanese stories and bad acting.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2411d ago

As opposed to cheesy American stories with bad acting. Deadspace is pulp pap, kind of like a Marvel comic.

Louis_Guzman2411d ago

Forget it. The guy thinks Resistance 3 has a great story. Brain damaged would be an understatement.

tigertron2412d ago

In terms of survival horror, the Resident Evil we used to know died this generation and was replaced by the Dead Space franchise.

Now we have a Resident Evil SOCOM.

ninjahunter2412d ago

Eh, the two extremes of survival horror. Like comparing a fedora with an ushanka.