Mass Effect 3 sells 890,000 copies on day 1 in North America

Electronic Arts chief executive John Riccitiello is feeling “awfully good” about the Mass Effect 3 launch.”

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DaveMan2415d ago

If it weren't for the endings, and a few other issues I'd say this would be in the top 3 of Bioware's best work.

Great game, but man that ending, ugh.

Still they deserve the sales, and a solid comeback after the whole DA2 fiasco.

GCO Gamer2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

There are many endings to the game.

pr0digyZA2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Not really, things slightly change but its all basically ends the same.I didnt find it as bad as others, but I can definately see how some wouldnt like it.

EVILDEAD3602415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Its so pitiful how everyone keep trying to spoil everyones enjoymennt of Mass Effect 3 that they keep trying to drop spoiler in EVERY single article.

Let people enjoy and judge the ending for themselves. Clearly Daveman didn't earn the ending by ACTUALLY playing the game.

These trolls are hitting new levels of low this year. What happened to honor among gamers?

My bad it never existed apparantly


kevnb2415d ago

they had another game between then too, which was a very good mmo.

LtSkittles2415d ago

Picked mine up Wednesday :D

Intentions2415d ago

Got mine yesterday. Definitely worth getting. :D

Awesome_Gamer2415d ago

Mass Effect > Mass Effect 2 > Mass Effect 3

DaveMan2415d ago

Got it wrong bro

Mass Effect 3> ME1> ME2

Mass Effect 3 is the combination of the brilliance of both games combine.

It has it's own fair of issues, but the emotional death scenes, and the feeling "of this is actually a war, this is actually IT" was a great powerful feeling in ME3.

Regardless all 3 are excellent games.

Captain Qwark 92415d ago

i agree 1,000,000% with what you said here. i loved me1 to pieces. me2 while amazing, just wasn't as good. and me3 takes everything i loved about each, combines them, then adds some more. perfect.

ginsunuva2415d ago


ME = ME2 > ME3

hay2415d ago

Mass Effect >= Mass Effect 2.

I'll keep ME3 from this equation 'cause of respect to previous iterations...

Hufandpuf2415d ago

should I get it? I skipped it to get SFxT, but is ME3 really worth my time or is the ending as lackluster as ME2's?

Intentions2415d ago

Imo you should get it. Or at least rent/borrow it. :D

closnyc2415d ago

you think me2 ending is lackluster? hahaha, then be prepared to be completely disappointed with this ending. It will piss you off. I hated this game. They contradict their own lore, 2D sprites everywhere in an engine that its showing its age, atrocious fov and animations, auto dialogue and choices that dont matter, you should wait for goty edition and meet me at sfx tekken so we can play a game with real replay value.

Reborn2415d ago

Yeah, I'll meet you there.

After I got the Ultimate X Edition X 5.

Hufandpuf2415d ago

If I'm right, the Protheans have an anti-reaper weapon, correct? if so, then the game is so predictable from there on out.

Also I play SFxT on XBL. PM me if you do too.

FCOLitsjustagame2415d ago

What was lackluster about the ME2 ending?

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The story is too old to be commented.