Capcom Announces Onimusha Soul Strategy RPG for Browsers and Smartphones

Capcom is resurrecting the Onimusha franchise for a new browser and smartphone game. Titled Onimusha Soul, the game will begin service on PC browsers on June 28, with a smartphone version to follow in the Fall.

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jacksonmichael2469d ago

My response to that title was two gasps and a sigh. Gotta read faster, I guess.

banjadude2469d ago

I too was quite disappointed... what is wrong with just continuing the action/adventure genre?

Jobesy2469d ago

I'm shocked there hasn't been an Onimusha game this gen. Onimusha was one of my favorite franchises on the PS2.

TeaDouble_E2469d ago

Just give us a real Onimusha title.

pyramidxboy2469d ago

Only to have Crapcom lock half the game on the disk and charge you later as "Downloadable Content."

Skate-AK2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Man Capcom really is F-ing everything up now a days. Maybe they are setting the bar so low that next gen when they actually try and listen to fans it will seem like they are one of the best company's.
They at least need a HD collection of 1 and 2. Hopefully 3 too to make it a full trilogy but I highly doubt. Put them on PSN like RE4 and RE:CVX. Instant payout and we all know how much Capcom loves the $$$$.

jc485732469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

I will really like it if they model Samanosuke after Takeshi again. Really would like to see him in HD this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.