So Long, Playstation. Goodbye, Xbox: Will Apple TV Signify the End of Console Gaming?

Stuart Mario writes, "Whilst clearing out my loft last week, I noticed a device my eyes barely recognized. Caked in dust, its foreboding chassis sat heavy in my hand. It was my old MP3 Player; I thought I’d thrown it out. Several hours later, my cleaning led me to some other archaic devices from years past: a camcorder, a one megapixel camera and a brick I used to call ‘phone’. The demise of these once beloved machines is a callous reminder that the devices I rely on everyday may soon join that collection, and a lot sooner than I was prepared for."

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xflo3602419d ago

The day gaming becomes touch screen only is the day i quit gaming!

SignifiedSix2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

games will go virtual before it ever goes "touch". but I agree with you 100%. some games are good for touch, like tower defense games and such, but that's it. I'd quit gaming myself if it happened.

edit. actually, I wouldn't quit gaming. I'd go straight to PC, because that would never go touch for gaming. :)

dedicatedtogamers2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Why do people love Apple so much?

- 99.9% of the games are barely above the level of a free, browser-based flash game
- their hardware is waaaay overpriced
- they release "must-have" hardware revisions every 1 1/2 years
- their app store has ZERO quality control (the recent Pokemon Yellow fiasco)
- they have no dedicated game developers

I mean, I just don't get it.

Lulz_Boat2419d ago

there is one simple answer for that.

the world is full of idiots.

mabreu2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Apple can end console gaming if they have:

1. rights to Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft exclusives. (fat chance)

2. games that are fun while your sitting on the couch looking at a large TV screen. (maybe if touch-based games play well using a device other than your fingers)

3. a large community of hardcore gamers playing hardcore games that are meant to be played for hours. (I can't imagine an Apple product doing this but they can try)

4. stop changing the hardware every year so developers can create games that push the boundaries. (they can take the PC gaming approach but we're talking about consoles here)

So yes, if Apple has all 4 above, they won't have any competition. Unless the US government declares Apple a monopoly.

Mikhail2418d ago

no4 for me is the most important part, this apple fanboys should be realist here. I dont want to pay for a new ipad for an exclusive game.

You forget to add that cost will rise as games become more complex and requires more graphics. There is also battery life.

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smashcrashbash2419d ago

I remember the days of gaming journalism when people were actual gamers who were careful of what they reported or said. Now everyone just blurts out the first thing that comes into their head whether it is true,stupid, rumored or makes any sense.You just say what ever causes the most chaos, arguments or gets you the most hits. You wildly speculate, use wrong information and lie or exaggerate if you need to. And to make it worse the gaming community behaves the same way.

JoeyTZG2419d ago

It has seemingly followed the route of journalism in general. Every "news" venue tries to "sell" you the information rather than just give you the concrete facts.

Mikhail2419d ago

Now i know why the site's name is gameabyss...

gypsygib2419d ago

No, not unless devs start porting AAA games to it that look better and control well (buttons).

Doesn't Apple take like 30% of app sales too, that's significantly more than the Big 3.

PersonaCat2419d ago

This whole Apple ordeal is getting way out of control. Why would we even want them in the console scene? A bunch of casual $2 games aren't going to take out any of the Big 3. I swear "journalists" these days don't even think before they create these articles.

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