Street Fighter IV 1UP Show Special - First Gameplay

This is it, the first time anyone has seen Street Fighter IV in motion. If you've been following the last few episodes of The 1UP Show, you know that 1UP's Jason Bertrand has been on a mission to find out SF4 details -- finally, his questions are (mostly!) answered.

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BIoodmask4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

similar towards the other Street Fighters, but what I don't like is how the artwork seems more American.

Another good thing is that the speed of the game doesn't seem to have been slowed down with the transition to 3D. There still seems to be the 2 in 1 combos. And also a heavy emphasis on aerial attacks. Jumpkick sweep etc.

As a die hard Street Fighter fan I am still disappointed that Capcom didn't stick to a 2D sprite based system at least for the character models. The artwork and animation in 3rd strike was superb. I could learn to like this "new" Street Fighter if the gameplay is still the same. I just feel disheartened bc this game seems more geared towards the new age of gaming (3D) than to die hard fans of the series.

It is kind of sad because it seems that 2D is truly dead. Except for downloadable games and perhaps DS or PSP.

Growing up with games like SF2 Turbo, Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters, MK1, 2, and 3,..etc, SF4 seems like kind of a letdown to the great Street Fighter lineage.

BloodySinner4039d ago

I love the fact someone would come along and click the disagree button simply because they don't like you. Pathetic.

wil4hire4039d ago

they are going to ruin this game.

I hope they add a CLASSIC gameplay mode or just a re-drawn 2d street fighter with the release..

Its sad to see this one turn out to look so disgusting.

unlimited4039d ago

I agree the artwork in the game look to american. why cant they make Ryu more japanese??

crck4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Ugly Character art may be the death of this game. Well at least I still have Super Street Fighter 2 HD to look forward to.

Skerj4039d ago

Man Bloodmask I couldn't agree with you more. I'm kinda let down by this, even though the animation looks fluid I still think 3rd Strike was better. And I'm hoping the speed was slowed down for video (wasn't running at 60fps) because Rival Schools/Project Justice had faster execution for moves.

Still trying to reserve judgment until I play it for myself but I think I can see what's going to happen. They're going to get some of the people who left after SFII back but they'll leave again because they're casual fighters. Then the remaining hardcore base will be splintered from the new change. Here's hoping SFV is 2d in 2010 (or StreetFighter 2010 2!!)!!

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KidMakeshift4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I'm just waiting for Street Fighter to look like SF4's teaser trailer

At least it's still a 2d fighter unlike Guilty Gear Overture *sigh*

Noodlecup4039d ago

Can someone link me to a video which doesnt take 10 years to view on a 10mb connection?

Maldread4039d ago

Damn i thought i was the only one, but the videos from 1UP/ Gamevideos always take so much time to buffer that i just have to give up. Anyone who knows a solution ?

KidMakeshift4039d ago

I download 1up through itunes podcast

solar4039d ago

wow, its not loading for me either. grrr.....

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