Unbelievable footage of unbelievable players

Games Radar writes: One month ago, we showed you the wildest and weirdest extremes of Halo 3. Our Craziest Stunts collection had everything - legendary kills, game changing glitches, impossibly huge explosions, even suicide by orange plastic traffic cone.

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Lex Luthor4044d ago

Wow. Such creativity with this game. Hope more console FPS take after Bungie and has level editors.

ambientFLIER4044d ago

Level editors are great, but replays are a major part of it too.

CeruleanSky4044d ago

I can't believe Microsoft still is spending money hyping this game.

ambientFLIER4044d ago

I cant believe you're still posting retarded stuff online.

adalwolfe4043d ago

awww the plight of all sony fans, everything good that is said about a 360 game must be a paid off bribe from microsoft.. riiiight, everything is bought out by microsoft cept for you.. heaven forbid that you actually admit to the fact that 360 exclusives are simply more enjoyable then anything on the ps3 at this time.

halo is an awesome game (sure it isn't 100% everything everyone ever wanted, but what game could ever be?) this video recording feature is a ton of fun, expecially when playing with friends, just admit it and stop whining.. At least games for our console are developed for replayability and not for a 8 hours of gameplay with good graphics so they can sell the game based on screenshots (definately not for how the game runs *cough*lair*cough*), their hoping you get bored of it quickly so you buy something new asap.. open your eyes fanboy you are a sony marketting victim.

tony4044d ago

this is what make halo unique. i'm not a big halo fan but i can see why other gamers love it.

mighty_douche4044d ago

But the Football (soccer) mod is a complete rip of a CSS mod. Still funny.

RudeSole Devil4044d ago

Halo 3 servers will be all gone in 2 months tops. Game sucks, broken in every way play a real game COD4 suckers.

ambientFLIER4044d ago

Yeah, kinda like Halo 2 outlasted everything else and is still very popular today, nearly 4 years later after its release. Oh, wait...

The Halo gamer/tricking/glitching community is huge, and they will keep playing for years.

172,000 players online RIGHT NOW. Over a million of unique players A DAY.

It's hosted on p2p servers.


FirstknighT4043d ago

COD4 is a great game but Halo 3 is the better multiplayer experience. COD4 is easy to rack up the kills esp. with some of those perks. No need for headshots. Alot of camping in COD4 also.

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The story is too old to be commented.