What is Avalanche Studio’s New Game?

Avalanche Studio, developer’s of the Just Cause franchise announced during GDC that their next game will be announced at E3 this June. Avalanche Studios’ CEO Christofer Sundberg claims that their next game will be a licensed title, but it won’t be based on an upcoming film. “We aren’t particularly interested in movie-based games,” he explained. “I think the whole industry destroyed that. So much money’s been pumped into those crappy games, it’s amazing. It’s really scary when you look at how bad they are.” It is unknown whether this is related to the rumor that Avalanche is making a Mad Max game.

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DeadlyFire2510d ago

Licenses don't just extend from movies though. Sports titles have licenses. Only open one is TNA I believe right now. They have not had a new game in awhile. Its about time.

Although I personally would love for it to be Mad Max or an equally cool property out there.