Over 90% Sell Through for One Piece Pirate Musou

Sales tracker Media Create confirms today that One Piece Pirate Musou may indeed have been in short supply, as it saw a high sell-through of 92.07%.

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MattS2511d ago

Heh. Good to see the Warriors games selling well, and finally getting some of the critical reception in the west they deserve :)

BiggCMan2511d ago

I wish Dynasty Warriors sold this well in the West, and got high reviews. 7 was such an amazing game, so different from the rest, and actually did so much to change the series, yet people here still don't see it because they are so biased and brain washed with shooters.

Simon_Brezhnev2511d ago

Your right DW7 was really good. My only problem was with the laziness of same weapon same moves.

Majin-vegeta2511d ago

I agree DW7 was awesome and i got the plat for it also it took me awhile but it was worth it^_^ that reminds me i need to get DW7XL also.

256bit2511d ago

poor naruto. i thought it was huge but i guess its just popular.

KillaManiac2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Most sold Naruto storm game yet.

So they can't be that mad considering this is like Storm 2.5.

Buying Naruto day 1 regardless....looks so good!

ThePsychoGamer2511d ago

Not surprising, considering the series well earned popularity in Japan. I hope this game comes out in the states, One Piece is probably the second best Shonen anime to come out in the west.

dc12511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )