See how Tim Schafer is spending your (his) money

Last night Tim Schafer shared a number of inspirational images at the Game Developers Choice Awards. Hint: They had to do with money.

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Snookies122413d ago

It went to a good cause... Now he gets to wipe his ass with your money. I think it was a worthy investment! Lol, I loved the images though, he's got a wonderous sense of humor.

Spitfire_Riggz2412d ago

Lol he does have a good sense of humor. This is probably everyones worst fear though

Tolkoto2413d ago

That Grim Fandango pic was great.

bubwright2412d ago

this is quite funny. makes me wonder what all these game developers do with all the money they get!?

coolasj2412d ago

He's literally one of the VERY few game developers I know that can do this without everyone hating him :)

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