Is Hollywood Ready to Take Videogames Seriously?

Naz Pattison: Videogames and Hollywood have not had a good history. As much as I may dislike it, the view that “videogames are just played by kids” still lingers like a bad smell in many corners of society.

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Legionaire20052413d ago

Have They ever? Resident Evil, Max Payne, Street fight, Mario, Mortal Kombat sequel, and need I say more? They all suck!!! The answer is no!!! Hollywood is not ready to take games seriously. Heck they are too busy with sequels and reboots to think of anything original.

NAGNEWS2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

remakes, releases in 3d and sequeling the hell out of movies that makes money.

the talent is gone BRAAAA

I'm still wating for the God of war movie

Legionaire20052412d ago

They should have one of those guys from Spartacus play the role of Krato.

Anon19742412d ago

You don't like the Resident Evil movies? Those are B movie gold! And the Tomb Raider movies weren't bad. Same goes with Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and Prince of Persia. None of those were great, but they weren't abominations or anything.

Legionaire20052412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Yes Resident Evil movies suck!!! Only Resident Evil Degeneration is good and it follows the story. It's what Resident Evil should of been a 3D animated movie. I still believe Resident Evil could work for live action film, but it needs to make sense. What doesn't make sense is the character Alice, and the random tie ins with resident Evil monsters that same out of place, giving no explanation to why they are in the movie. If there was a reboot which Hollywood likes to do to undo their mistakes, they need a true gamer to direct this movie. If I was a director, I would do Resident Evil justice. Well it's true that no movie could truly follow the game word for word, and action scenes, but if you put the actual characters from the story where it make sense then yeah that would be great. Have them investigate the mansion full of zombies and monsters with horror scenes to scare people. Like the dogs breaking through the windows in part one, everybody remember that. I would make Resident Evil more of a horror movie what it was meant to be. Not some cheap horror to laugh at but a reason to jump out of your seats. Some people will die, because it wouldn't be too much of an horror if no one dies. I would hire actors that actually look like the characters of Resident Evil, and to make sure they can act. I'm not expecting this to be Oscar material, well could always get Oscar for special effects like what Transformers almost got lol !!!! But it would be an honor if the movie get an Oscar for more than just special effects. If that is the case then I done my work to please the masses. Expect carefully made sequels lol to not mess up the story.

F7U122412d ago

I hope not. Anything the studios get their hands on turns to sh*t.

gypsygib2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

The majority of Hollywood plots are utter crap too, so I wouldn't place Hollywood on any pedestal for story telling.

In fact, I go so far as to say that a great game has a much deeper, engaging and overall better fleshed out story than any Hollywood action flick (Bioshock, Deus Ex HR, MGS Series, some Halo's, RDR, etc.)

It's the stories/themes in games like MW2, Vanquish, Bayonetta, Bulletstorm, etc. that are so awful and/or childish that make people think that video game story telling is on the same level as children's' cartoons but with more blood or generally idiotic.

You can grow really attached to character when playing as them for hours if the acting, dialogue and themes are too immature.

Rearden2412d ago

Hollywood? Who cares about Hollywood, the MARKET has taken games seriously for decades: the video game industry makes a lot more money than the film industry.

We don't need Hollywood's approval.

DeadManMcCarthy2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

lol hollywood sucks, they will never compare to the narrative and deep story telling of some games these days. a prime example being max payne. god forbid if hollywood ever gets their ugly greedy hands on the metal gear solid series.. smh.

hollywood is just a money making machine creating turds and stupid people still pay to see them.

what ever happened to hollywood anyway? they used to create solid quality movies before the 2000s.

DaveMan2412d ago

Screw Holllywood.

Nothing but remakes, and rehases. Barely any unorinigal ideas in hollywood cinema.

Video games have there own demons, but at least a video game dares to take more original risks than a film does.

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