Super Smash Bros. Brawl Goes Gold?

Kotaku reports:

"With all the holiday festivity we almost missed this one. Chalk the story up to rumor at the moment, but one Japanese retail site listed this box art for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Notice that it says "now printing." The timeline works out since Brawl will be released in Japan in about a month. But unless you live there, this probably isn't huge news anyway".

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4041d ago
player9114041d ago

A waste of a post. I want to know why it went gold. Don't games go "Gold" after they sell 4 million copies or something? Why differentiates one game from another? I didn't see Mario Galaxy go "Gold". Are they saying SSBB will sell more then Galaxy?

Marceles4041d ago

"Going gold" means they're printing the games to discs to be ready to be shipped to retailers. The article is saying Japan might be getting the game even sooner since the boxart says "now printing" has nothing to do with sales

Tom Hernandez4041d ago

dude games go gold after a million copies super smash bros brawl is gonna be a great game if u look at the ratings on meta critics the smash bros brawl series gets better everytime and if thats true then super smash bros brawl is gonna pwn in ratings, gameplay , and even graphics and wii graphics suk ass

wiizy4041d ago

this game is going to be a monster.. i cant wait... more tears for haters.