Angry Bird Space - New Screenshots

Angry Bird Space (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Andriod) new screenshots.

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shammgod2506d ago

Is t just me or is angry birds just really not a fun game?

NukaCola2506d ago

It had simple mechanics that worked well and now it's just played out. I don't understand how people get addicted to it. There is nothing to it but two clicks and a reset.

Chrono2506d ago

These games use the KISS principle. They are designed for casual gamers.

spektical2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

i play angry birds when im bored. How do you make a sequel to a simple game that involves little mechanics with little to no potential for a story?

I can see adding content such as new puzzles.

chanmasta2506d ago

Rovio, the developers behind the game understand this, which is why they're revamping the entire franchise with a completely different UI, new gameplay, new experiences, new challenges and a whole new way to play.

I've become tired of the previous Angry Birds games, but the gameplay of this one looks very interesting. It's like.. Angry Birds meets Super Mario Galaxy.