PlayStation Tips #5 - DIY Hard Drive upgrade

No matter which model of the PLAYSTATION 3 you've got - 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, or 80GB - music, video, and gaming download fiends will find a way to fill up their hard disk drive. Fortunately, the PS3 doesn't require some hard-to-find proprietary HDD - you can swap it out yourself with the kind of drive found at most electronics retailers and on the internet.

The type of internal 2.5? drives that work with the PS3 top out at about 250gb. So if you're looking for more storage and/or don't wanna bother with opening up your box, 500gb external USB drives are also readily available.

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MaximusPrime4043d ago

nice to see PS blog adding another PS tip. Good for new owners of PS3.

LinuxGuru4043d ago

the thing I wanna know is, will putting a 7200 rpm drive in there make a difference?

mikeslemonade4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

When I bought my 120GB HDD for the PS3 the RPM supposedly didn't matter, but now the newer articles are saying it does make a slight difference. The cache and rpm both matter. However you don't want to make the PS3 too hot, so it may or may not be worth it to have it a little faster.

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Rama262854043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

You've got to respect Sony for adding this feature to the PS3. It was one of the small things which swayed me to buy a PS3. They could have followed a competitor and do only branded over-priced hard drive upgrades, but they didn't.

In comparison, a 120gb hard drive for the competitor here in the UK is £110, or a generic 120gb hard drive for the PS3 is £47. Need I say more?

Bazookajoe_834043d ago

But to make the extern hd to work u have to format it in fat32, if anyone wondered..

AllroundGamer4042d ago

but the internal HDD can be also NTFS formatted right?

xplosneer4042d ago

No, it has to be FAT32, but since it can go in the PS3 it can be formatted there for over 32GB's.

Lumbo4042d ago

The internal HDD is formated in EXT3 afaik, neither Fat32 nor ntfs. EXTERNAL HDD have to be formatted in FAT32 (use any real format tool except XP's sucky HDD management to format drives bigger than 32gig).

Meus Renaissance4043d ago

A little dig at Microsoft there, I see.

vilmer4043d ago

And well deserved. How much is it for a 20gb HDD for the 360 again?

Gamingisfornerds4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Sony is way more user-friendly concerning the PS3 than MS is with the 360. I mean, I have a 360 and a PS3 and it's hard not to notice how MS really likes to shaft it's consumers.

For my 360 I had to get the proprietary wifi adapter a 75 Euro's (though I only payed 35 as I got it 2nd hand). For my PS3, it's built in (and both have equal signal strength).

For my 360 I had to purchase the proprietary wireless headset a 50 Euro's. For my PS3 I was able to use a bluetooth adapter I already had from my cellphone.

For my 360 I had to purchase rechargable batteries with recharger to charge my wireless controller (I refuse to buy the proprietary MS play&charge kit). For my PS3 I just plug the controller into my PS3 via an included USB cable.

Then there's things like free online for PS3, ugrading your HD without having to purchase a proprietary HD for crazy (!!!) money and being limited with the disk capacity to 120GB, standard HDMI for PS3, RROD for 360, cheap and noisy fans/drives for the 360, etc.

Seriously, MS deserve a lot more than a little digg here and there. They need a right kick in the *ss. I can't believe I actually own a 360 looking at all this crap they're pulling. Even including the RROD fiasco (had it once myself) I still can't get rid off the flaming thing because of those exclusives I must have.

This is not trolling MS what I'm doing here, this is just an eye opener. The 360 is my platform of choice. in: Games. I just can't stand the hardware and it's obligations/limitations and the company behind all this.

Sony has it's issue's as well, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Sony just has the hardware solidly locked down and are way more user-friendly this gen with the PS3. MS on the other hand has the better games library and the online advantage (so far).

*Wait's for the "Sony fanboy", "undercover hater" statements*

xplosneer4043d ago

At first it was kinda hard to know if Sony was really SUPPORTING us to do this. Now you know...
Maybe I'll upgrade my 20GB in the future. Still haven't really filled it up.

CeruleanSky4042d ago

"At first it was kinda hard to know if Sony was really SUPPORTING us to do this."

It was always clear since it was something they talked about even before the system launched and Sony has harddrive upgrading right on their main PS3 overview page since the system launched.

The only question was the warranty implications which were easily confused.

Swapping in a new harddrive does not void the warranty, but you can't send your PS3 back to Sony with a different harddrive for repairs. They only support the bundled drive for warranty repairs.

rofldings4042d ago

It's also in the paper manual in the box, so I'm sure they supported it

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