The winner of Destructoid Game of the Year 2007

Picking the Destructoid Game of the Year was no easy task, as evidenced by the overwhelmingly varied community response to yesterday's list of nominees. It seemed like each one of the five finalists garnered an equal amount of support: "Pick Mass Effect!" "Super Mario Galaxy is easily the best!" "COD4 FTW!" "BioShock, hands down!" "No competition. The Orange Box!"

And the winner is...

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Eclipticus4041d ago

i would have to agree...
for a non fps fan. I loved this FPS game. the story was great. the Graphics superb. I am playing it all over again. since i got my 1080p television.
THe only two complaints. was the ending cinematic, was a anticlamatic, and i wish there was more leeway, with the harvesting, but i think that is tied in with the ending. other than that. I loved the game

TheXgamerLive4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

But I gotta say aside from Mario Galaxy, I love em all, there all great. I'm sure if I was 9 I'd love Mario too.

I haven't met anybody yet though that hasn't been pulled in by Bioshock. It's so different from anything else and has a unique style alone, hell even the music makes you feel like a 1940's movie or something.

Foliage4041d ago

I don't even have to read this to figure out Destructoid picked a 360 game. They are biased to the point of predictability. Just like Kotaku will probably pick a Wii game. Gamespot will probably pick whoever paid the most.

Mc1874041d ago

I love my PS3 but the fact of the matter is is. It is still "cool" for any and all gaming sites mags etc. to bash the PS3. All these sources care about is whats "in" right now. All sources are buyable because they are all businesses and businesses are in business to make money not to be "objective". So i am not surprised that many a great game for the PS3 have been overlooked by the mass media. Bioshock is a great game and deserves its spot as GOTY. But SMG puhlease... the inevatable rehash of an ancient IP to milk you for more money GOTY not hardly.

tony4041d ago

1.bioshock of duty
3.the orange box
4.halo 3
5.the darkness

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