Deadly Premonition being remastered for PS3, with Move support

Joystiq writes: "Immediately after ex-Marvelous CEO (and new Toybox Games founder) Yasuhiro Wada let slip news of a new Deadly Premonition PS3 project at GDC, he met with Joystiq for an interview and clarified just what it is. And it's not a sequel."

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Acquiescence2439d ago

Completed it on the 360 - one of the worst games I've played this gen. People says it's "so bad, it's good" but that only really applies to the first half or so. The further you get in the story the more serious in tone it becomes, while simultaneously getting sillier and more overblown... a lot like Quantic Dream's Fahrenheit actually, but with botched gameplay. The combat sections become way more frequent as you progress too, and anyone who has played the game will tell you that the combat in DP is an abomination. So by the end, the off-beat comedy that made it worth playing is non-existent and you're left with a game that has no redeeming features.

ElasticLove2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

The PS3 version been out for awhile now in Japan, but it called Red Seeds Profile instead of Deadly Premonition. I'll buy it if it comes to the US.

KillerPwned2439d ago

What is so great/horrible about this game that everyone talks about it? I just have no clue but this has me excited for the simple fact I really wanna find out what the fuss is all about.

Pozzle2439d ago

The gameplay itself isn't anything to call home about, but the story and characters are so bizarre and out-there that it ends up being a really entertaining experience. Sort of like a "so bad it's good" kind of movie.

Dreambox2439d ago

This game is a delight.

So says Mr. Stewart.

Jamzluminati2439d ago

Thank you, I refuse the pay 60 bucks

hardandsloppy2439d ago

It will most likely be like $20-$30 just like the original version for Xbox 360

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