Amazon Reports Strong Holiday Sales For HD DVD, Blu-ray Players

The company went on to say that it had sold enough high-disc players during November and December to cover seven football fields.

The residual effects of such strong next-gen hardware sales appeared to be in full force late Wednesday, as HD DVD and Blu-ray discs dominated Amazon's real-time list of top-selling DVDs

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Someone needs to show the totals of all sales, to see if HD DVD really won.

There's no doubt that people who shop at amazon want HD DVD, I think they made their point. Infact, I think they set fire to Blu ray discs at amazon.

While sales of blockbuster hits like Spider-man 3 and transformers dried up, sales of movies like The Big Lebowski, Serenity, and Hot Fuzz continue to be on fire.

I say either HD DVD won the format war, or Amazon is in protest right now or something.

Fisher3394040d ago

hd dvd is only selling well on amazon because it's one of the few places you cant get it.


Snukadaman4040d ago

What happened too the graphs....Ill take a guess that hd-dvd is winning this week or something??

kira9894040d ago

Or is this format war getting a little bit tireing

Wonderbhoy4040d ago

Its the pointless flamewars on here that get VERY annoying.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4040d ago

movies like The Big Lebowski and Serenity. There's some seriously deep sh*t going on at amazon.

Wonderbhoy4040d ago

If people want to upgrade their current DVD library to next gen, obviously they will buy more than just new movies..

AceLuby4040d ago

To me it doesn't make sense to upgrade your DVD collection. The older movies aren't filmed w/ that much detail, so how can it benefit from being in HD? My DVD's are upscaled to 420p, which you can't even tell the difference from 1080p hi def movies (I have Rocky on both and the difference is negligible). IMO only new movies are worthy of getting in HD as it is becoming more and more common to film digitally. However, most people don't think rationally like this.

season0074040d ago

i think you are wrong, the movie theatre projector should've been more than 1080p for many years, think about it, such a big screen and just 480p of resolution can't even make a clear projection

i've seen the movie 5th element in blu-ray form, thats more than a couple years ago...and i would still say the graphic is stunningly clear

GIJeff4040d ago

Rocky is a bit older than the 5th element.

Wonderbhoy4040d ago

It doesn't just go by how old it is.. One of the best selling HD-DVD's is Casablanca.. just a teeny tiny bit older than either Rocky or the 5th element.

Check out reviews, wether you like the movie or not, the reviews will tell you that the picture quality of Casablanca on Hd is stunning.

Movies are always filmed in a much higher format than anyone will use at home anytime soon. Its just a matter of how they transfer it to disc.

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Imallvol74040d ago

is that amazon is hardly representative of actualy buying trends! HD movies are much better than DVD's though. I can't wait for Blu ray to finally be definite and all this crap be over.

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The story is too old to be commented.