Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Kinect Hands-On Preview | The Controller Online

Scott from The Controller Online writes: "As I’ve always said, I don’t envy the position that EA Sports puts themselves in. Each year they must find something to do to their sports games to make it worth buying this year’s iteration over just sticking with last year’s. It is something they do to themselves by insisting on releasing new titles for each sport, each year, but it has to be stressful trying to outdo yourself each year.

This year, motion controls are what’s on the menu since physics can’t really get much better in the Tiger Woods series, EA Sports can’t apply that formula like they did for their other major titles last year. No, it can’t be that easy, so they’ve gone after the Kinect. If you ask me, Golf is one of the sports that could translate very well into a Kinect game. But the Tiger Woods PGA series is all about precision, so is it going to work?"

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urwifeminder2414d ago

Best golf game i ever played the demo was great getting day one.