Five Things You Should Know Before Dating a Gamer

Phoenix New Times:

Sometimes things go well, and the intense devotion we have for cover systems and regenerating health makes room for a human being with actual emotions to care about. If you're lucky enough to go out with a gamer, here are five things you should probably know first.

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FrankDrebin2415d ago

Dumbest Article Ever!
You get the prize

What a crappy site too.

Army_of_Darkness2414d ago

Everyone I know with a PS3( inculding myself) actually has a Life outside of gaming.... And what's with this WOW addiction bullshit?! even more worst than the COD addicts.

TopDudeMan2414d ago

Now, now. That's a bit of a jump, chap.

Gaming1012414d ago

Yeah, "lucky to be dating a gamer" lmao ha
I'm sure a girl feels lucky to be dating a fat neckbearded nerd who spends 40 hours a week playing videogames like the kid with 3rd grade writing ability does in this article.

Ravenor2414d ago

I own a PS3 and a PC...OH NOES WHERE DO I STAND!?

I fear I may be "Even more worst"

MaxXAttaxX2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Practically everyone owns a PC, lol. That doesn't mean we all take gaming on PCs extremely serious.

This article is nothing but stereotype exploitation. Suddenly all gamers are addicted to WoW and yell at the screen. I'm surprised he didn't mention COD.
I understand the occasional midnight launch and attempting to get him/her to play games, but come on. Lame article.

opinska2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I agree with u.. it's not like if u play games u will play 24/7... I have a 360, ps3, and tha PC and don't spend all my time playin games... I go out and actually do stuff...
Article is retarded....

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FinaLXiii2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Number one: its a man
number two: yep you guessed it...its a man
and so on.

ps: i know there´s some girl gamers out there im just joking around like i always do in this website.

meetajhu2414d ago

From the article:

2. We'll refuse to come to bed until we ruin someone else's opinion.

So True...

ISNeko2414d ago

My wife knows all too well about number one.....all I've managed to get her to enjoy is Sims and Animal Crossing. Don't....really feel like those count....

MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago

Try Donkey Kong Country, Heavy Rain, or Little Big Planet. Girls usually like all three of those.

catfrog2413d ago

definitely heavy rain, it definitely says "play me" to people who arent big on gaming

i would also say uncharted because its so much like a movie experience, but i could see people who arent usually the video game type to not like the shooting parts of it... maybe on the easier difficulty settings haha

Tdmd2414d ago

I've managed to get my girl to enjoy modnation racers (even thought she sucks at it lol). The secret was all about the pod customization. She also liked uncharted 3 for the puzzles and the funny brazilian voice acting! x)

Soldierone2414d ago

Yeah once my gf figured out how to customize things in modnation racers i didn't hear from her for like 2 hours and was like "wth your playing a game without me?" lol

mynameisEvil2414d ago

Good sir, you have offended me as I do like The Sims, indeed!

I now feel the sudden urge to yell at an invisible person. I will not go to bed until I completely destroy your "opinion"!

MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago

My girlfriend is not and will never be a gamer. I'm fine with that though. :) She accepts that I love gaming. I put her before gaming, obviously. Any semi-intelligent boyfriend should.

Majin-vegeta2414d ago

Too bad that can't be said about this guy xD.

Rynx2414d ago

lame, that video has been known to be fake since it first got posted. On that matter, this video is old.

dredgewalker2413d ago

Lol, yeah my girlfirend isn't a gamer too. She's too busy teaching at school to play games. It's nice that she doesn't mind I love games. In fact she prefers me playing games than watching porn. I had to hide my porn collection or else she'll give me a good sermon.

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